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Epcot has become known as the adult “foodie” park over the last several years.  Many guests book their day in Epcot around what meals, snacks and drinks they plan to consume.  It’s for good reason, because it does offer not only more food options, but several quality food options as well.  It’s a break from the regular diet of chicken fingers, burgers and pizza, but those are available as well.

Among the Table Service restaurants, my favorites are Le Cellier, Teppan Edo and Via Napoli.  Le Cellier is know for it’s steaks.  Many guests enjoy the filet, but real steak lovers will enjoy the large ribeye steak.  It is tender and has delicious flavor.  Teppan Edo is a traditional Japanese restaurant with the chef preparing your food live on a large hibachi grill.  Smaller sized families will share the large space with other guests and build some new friendships as well.  Via Napoli has delicious Italian food, including the best pizza inside the four Disney parks.  However, you should avoid the Via Napoli pizza window as they do not serve the same pizza as you’ll consume indoors.

In the Counter Service offerings, I enojy Katsura Grill, La Cantina de San Angel, Sunshine Seasons and Yorkshire County Fish Shop.  Katsura is a great place to get some quick Japanese style foods that are tasty and served hot.  La Cantina offers some authentic style Mexican small tacos.  They are stuffed with fresh meats and vegetables and are quite tasty.  Don’t think of this as Tex-Mex though.  Sunshine Seasons inside the Land Pavilion is the most popular Counter Service restaurant due to its wide variety of food offerings that usually include roasted chicken, fish, beef and vegetarian delights.  Yorkshire County offers the best fried fish and “chips” that can be found in Walt Disney World.  You’ll receive a couple of large fried fish pieces and a generous serving of fries.

Many guests enjoy snacking and drinking their way around the world and Epcot certainly fulfills that promise.  Throughout the year, you may also catch one of 4 festivals that offer food booths to serve you small samples.  You can use your Dining Plan snack credits for these samples, so save up those credits to use this day.

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