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More Wins for Inside Out 2

More Wins for Inside Out 2

Have you seen ‘Inside Out 2’ yet? It just had another big win at the box office! Find out what this new film has done now.

Inside Out 2

New Inside Out Character Greeting Guests Soon
Credit: Disney

Inside Out came out in 2015 and follows Riley, a girl whose emotions get the best of her when she moves. They must all learn how to navigate her new way of life.

Inside Out 2 debuted in theaters on June 14, 2024, and follows Riley and her new emotions as they try to suppress the old ones.

The film had already broken records before it was ever released! After the first teaser trailer was released, it broke a record with 157 million views, becoming the most-watched animated trailer in Disney’s history.

Big Wins in the Box Office

Watch the Next Teaser Trailer for Inside Out 2
Credit: Disney

Have you seen how well Inside Out 2 has done?  It received the biggest box office preview in 2024 during Thursday night previews! Domestically, the film grossed $13 million and $22.3 million internationally during the previews. 

It far exceeded the film’s expectations, you can read about HERE.

Inside Out 2 has also become the second-biggest animated box office opening! Read the details HERE.

Winning at the Box Office

Anger Inside Out
Credit: Disney

Inside Out 2 has made yet another win at the box office. It has now surpassed the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office.

This movie has passed this mark in less than three weeks of its release! According to USA Today, The Walt Disney Co. said that it was the fastest film to reach that level for any animated film.

Source: USA Today

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Wednesday 3rd of July 2024

We saw Inside Out 2. It's cute, but it's not a great movie. We have no desire to see it again or to purchase Inside Out 2 merchandise. It's doing great in the theaters because people are starving for wholesome entertainment without a woke message. Disney will make a lot of money if it continues to make these kind of movies.

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