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The Best Tips to Stay Hydrated at Disney World

The Best Tips to Stay Hydrated at Disney World

If you have a trip planned for Walt Disney World, you NEED to check out these tips. Disney just made a new update that will keep your family, happy, healthy, and making the most out of your Walt Disney World vacation.

Best Tips for Heat

Unexpected Change for Operating Hours Today at Disney World
Credit: KtP

Let’s be honest, Florida can get really hot. Of course, the summer months are even hotter, but Florida humidity and heat are things to consider when packing for your Walt Disney World vacation. Check out these tips to beat the heat HERE.

One of the most important things to remember when planning your Walt Disney World trip is making sure every member of traveling party is both happy and healthy.

With the extreme Florida heat, staying hydrated is just as important as creating your touring strategy.

FREE Water

Credit: Disney

Of course, there are plenty of locations and carts to purchase water throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. This can become costly when trying to keep an entire family hydrated.

One big tip for planning a trip to Walt Disney World is to grab free cups of ice water at all quick-service dining locations. The small carts and kiosks throughout the park only sell bottles of water and are unable to provide cups of water.

Credit: Disney PhotoPass

You do not have to purchase food at these locations. Simply wait in line and they will gladly provide as many free cups of ice water as you need.

At times, Disney will even provide water dispensers outside of quick-service dining locations for guests to enjoy. These are often available during the summer months and help decrease your waiting time in the quick-service queue.

Bring Your Own Water Bottle

Corkcicle bottle
Credit: Donna

Another great tip is to bring a reusable water bottle from home. This is a great way to refill with cups from quick-service locations or at water bottle refill stations located throughout the Walt Disney World Resort (more on this in just a bit).

It has been my (Donna) experience that I drink more water when I can carry a water bottle, as opposed to the small cups of water offered at the quick-service dining locations.

We noticed a new trend with Disney guests to have their refillable water bottles signed by Disney characters. This is such a fun and practical souvenir that guests can enjoy long after they return home.

New MDE Update

Water bottle refill station
Credit: Donna

Walt Disney World has provided water bottle refill stations sporadically for several years. Finding these locations was a bit troublesome for many. Oftentimes these refilling stations blend in with the queue or land they are located in and are often overlooked.

Not that long ago, the My Disney Experience got a much-needed upgrade. On the app, type in “water” and then select “Water Bottle Refill Stations”.

You can easily find the closest refill station to where you are located. This is a very convenient way to stay hydrated all throughout Walt Disney World.

Magic Kingdom

Credit: Maggie

You can easily find these locations on the app, but here is a breakdown of the current location of the water bottle refill stations. Magic Kingdom features three water refill stations.

Tomorrowland offers two locations at both TRON Lightcycle Power Run near the restrooms. The second Tomorrowland station is located inside Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe.

Fantasyland holds the third water bottle refill station inside Pinocchio’s Village Haus. Unfortunately, Frontierland and Adventureland do not offer refill stations.


Catch the Newest Trailer for Moana 2 Right Here
Credit: Kate

There is no reason to be thirsty at EPCOT. They have a total of 8 water bottle refill stations conveniently located throughout the park.

At the front of the park, guests can enjoy many refill stations. There is one located right outside of Journey of Water, another near the World of Nature restrooms, one at CommuniCore Hall, inside Connections Cafe, and finally another right outside Guest Relations (near Spaceship Earth).

Heading to the World Showcase, you can enjoy refill stations at the Rose Walk restroom (near the Refreshment Port) and a station inside the Odyssey Building. The World Showcase only provides one refill station at the International Gateway Entrance (near the restrooms and lockers).

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studios to Celebrate 35th Anniversary
Credit: Maggie

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there are 7 water bottle stations inside the park and 2 just outside the park. While heading into Hollywood Studios, fill your water bottle for a full day of fun right near the security checkpoint and also near the bus loop at the restrooms.

Conveniently located at the front of the park is a refill station outside of Guest Relations near the large Mickey Mouse tower. On Sunset Boulevard heading towards Tower of Terror, there is a refill station near the Anaheim Produce cart.

There are also refill stations inside the ABC Commissary (near the restrooms) and by the Grand Avenue restrooms (across from Star Tours). There are 3 refill stations in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge near the Black Spire Market Place Restrooms, Millenium Falcon exit, and at the restrooms next to the Blue Milk Stand.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disappointing Look at Disney's New Pandora Experience
Credit: Monica

Surprisingly Disney’s Animal Kingdom which promotes conservation only offers 5 water bottle refill stations. These are spread out awkwardly when considering how large Animal Park is.

The majority of water bottle refill stations are located in the Land of Pandora with one located in the queue for Na’vi River Journey queue and another in the queue for Avatar Flight of Passage. These are a bit less accessible for all guests. The easiest refill station for all guests is located near Satu’li Canteen.

In Africa, guests find a refill station near Mombasa Marketplace. Near the Tree of Life, guests will refill their water bottles at a station near Flame Tree Barbecue.

Final Thoughts

Credit: Maggie

There are also several refill stations located at almost all Walt Disney World Resorts and at Disney Springs as well. These are a bit numerous to detail, but you can conveniently search for these on the My Disney Experience app (as mentioned above).

Walt Disney World made big strides to provide more water bottle refill stations throughout their resort. It seems that newer attractions and lands have more stations.

We appreciate the thought of including these in new spaces and hope that work will continue to bring these to more locations at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom.

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