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Big Change Made for the New Moana Series

Big Change Made for the New Moana Series
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Moana is one of the best Disney feature movies made in the last decade. Not only do we have a live-action version coming in 2025, but a series is in the works too. Today we have a big update for this project, and you do not want to miss it!


All the Details You Need to Grab the New Moana Passholder Magnet
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Three thousand years ago, the greatest sailors in the world voyaged across the vast Pacific, discovering the many islands of Oceania. But then, for a millennium, their voyages stopped, and no one knows why.

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Moana is about an adventurous teenager who, with help from demigod Maui, sails out on a daring mission to prove herself a master wayfinder and save her people.

The movie is so popular it was the number 1 streamed movie in 2023, according to a Nielsen report. Moana debuted in 2016 and released to Disney+ way back in 2019 when the streaming platform debuted.

New Series

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Back in early 2022, Disney announced an all-new “Moana” series streaming to Disney+. We also learned David G. Derrick will direct this new project. Now, we get to know more about her and her wonderful heritage.

Since that time, however, we have not learned much about the series – nothing about the story, release, or how long the series will be. For a while we even wondered if the project was still moving forward.

Coming to Theaters!

Credit: Disney

During the First Quarter Earnings Call, Disney revealed that the series will actually now be a feature with a theatrical release! CEO Bob Iger mentioned the news in an interview with CNBC.

We can expect the film to debut in November 2024. This explains that untitled Disney animated film that was slated for a November 2024 release. Disney released a poster, which you can see above. And below is the teaser trailer.

Live-Action Moana

Disney just made celebrating the 100th Anniversary Even Easier
Credit: Disney

We want to emphasize the fact that this Moana “2” or Moana sequel is not the live-action remake nor does it replace it. The live-action remake is still set for a 2025 theatrical release. Read more about that HERE.

We will keep you posted on any Moana news!

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