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You May No Longer Qualify for Castaway Club Memberships

You May No Longer Qualify for Castaway Club Memberships

Disney Cruise Line is making some changes lately, and the latest one may disqualify you from Castaway Club memberships. See what you need to do to keep your current membership active

Disney Cruise Line

Credit: KtP

Not only does Disney have destinations around the world, they also have a fleet of ships that travel the seas! The new Disney Wish just joined Disney Wonder, Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy, and Disney Dream traveling around the world. Disney Treasure will be sailing soon as well!

Each ship has entertainment, dining, kids clubs, adult activities, and recreational activities. There will even be a Haunted Mansion lounge on the Disney Treasure!

Destinations include Alaska, the Caribbean, Europe, and Disney even has its own private island called Castaway Cay. To read all the latest planning and reviews, see our page dedicated to Disney Cruise Line HERE.

Castaway Club Memberships

Credit: Kenny the Pirate

Castaway Club is essentially a loyalty program for Disney Cruise Line. Castaway Club benefits begin after a guest completes at least one Disney Cruise Line sailing. The 4 membership levels are based upon the total number of completed eligible cruises:

  • Silver Castaway – 1 completed cruise
  • Gold Castaway – 5 completed cruises
  • Platinum Castaway – 10 completed cruises
  • Pearl – 25 complete cruises

Benefits include complimentary dinners, booking itineraries before the general public, advanced booking for port arrival time and cruise activities, and more.


Credit: KtP

Just last week Disney changed the age requirements for the various kid clubs onboard. Now, another change may affect your Castaway Club eligibility.

Now, to remain in the program Castaway Club Members must book or sail on at least one eligible cruise within 5 years of their last Disney voyage. Previously, there was no time limit.

If you want to book a Disney Cruise to help you qualify for a Castaway Club Membership (you only need one!) or to maintain your current level, please request a quote from Royal Carriage Vacations. You can put my name (Monica) in the Special Request box, and I will personally help you. We offer hassle-free travel planning and special onboard credits at NO cost to you!

What do you think of this change? Will you need to book a cruise soon to keep your current level? Let us know in the comments below, and share this post with another Castaway Club Member.

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Saturday 23rd of December 2023

Disney no longer values its customers. We did a Disney cruise four years ago, and had planned to do another one until Covid hit. Now we have decided that we are through booking Disney Cruises. There are other several excellent cruise companies to choose from.

Monica Street

Saturday 23rd of December 2023

It does seem odd that they are implementing this new rule after something like COVID.


Wednesday 20th of December 2023

I agree with the previous comments. Disney is going in the wrong direction. The prices of the cruises are out of reach for the average family. Over the years, our family have been on 15+ Disney cruises and been to the parks since 1971. I could care less if I ever went to Disney again. The only thing Disney is doing is lining their own pockets. If people keep paying or the Disney way, watch the increases and the take aways keep coming.


Wednesday 20th of December 2023

Disney is a mess. Thought Iger would clean it up...but he's not. The company that valued it's "guests" is no more. Very sad.


Wednesday 20th of December 2023

Total BS-what does it harm if I haven’t been on a cruise since 2018. Meanwhile I had cancer and then we dealt with COVID. Maybe I can pay a fee and remain a member, kinda like Genie+.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.