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Popular Disney+ Show Canceled After Just One Season

Popular Disney+ Show Canceled After Just One Season
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Calling all Disney+ subscribers! If you were looking forward to more episodes of one fan-favorite series, we have some bad news for you. Another show is coming to an end.


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By now, Disney’s streaming service needs no formal introduction. Disney+ is already in millions of households across America and the world over. The service has brought TONS of popular new content to life, and it houses countless Disney-owned shows and movies.

It is no secret that Disney+ is a high priority to Disney’s CEO Bob Iger. And clearly, price increases have been on the agenda! Surely the increase may be frustrating for long-time subscribers, especially those who remember the early rates when the service first hit the market.

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And, waves of cancelations and vanishing content have also brought frustration for subscribers. Earlier this year a huge list of content vanished. Other popular shows also came to an end including High School Musical the Musical: The Series, National Treasure, The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, and Mysterious Benedict Society!

Many subscribers question why they are paying less for more. And now, another popular show has joined the list of cuts; this one is gone after just one season.

This Cancelation Might Cause Mayhem

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It might surprise fans that Disney is reportedly canceling The Muppets Mayhem after just one season! After all, the show was warmly received by fans and has great reviews on Rotton Tomatoes. It received Emmy nominations and produced a hit album!

The popular comedy series follows the adventures of Muppet musical group Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. Now their adventures are coming to a halt.

Disney+ without the Muppets? Can you picture that? This announcement could also be bringing the Rock n’ Roller Coaster Muppets retheme rumors to an end.

Credit: Disney+

Disney+ has canceled THE Muppets Mayhem.

Disney did promise that there would be less new Disney+ content. However, we hope this is not the last we see from the Muppets!

In fact, the show’s co-creator Adam Goldberg has promised that he is already cooking up more ideas for “the Muppet-verse.” Here is his Tweet.

We hope his dreams come true!

Are you sad that Disney is canceling Muppets Mayhem? Let us know in the comments. And, be sure to share the news with the Muppet fans in your life so they can manage expectations.

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