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Should Disney Really Have Canceled These Acclaimed Shows

Should Disney Really Have Canceled These Acclaimed Shows

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Disney has canceled several popular shows this year. Interestingly, some of those canceled shows just got nominated for awards! Here are all the details.

The Emmy Awards

Credit: Disney+

Just last year, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences launched a standalone expansion of the Emmy Award competition to recognize outstanding Children’s and Family content. Last year, The Walt Disney Company secured a whopping 86 nominations for Children’s and Family Emmy Awards.

This year’s nominations just dropped, and Disney surpassed last year’s numbers by roping in 94 nominations for 2023! Interestingly, around 20% of those nominations are for shows that Disney has ended or canceled!

Of course, there are plenty of popular nominees on the list that definitely have more episodes to come. For example, we know we will see more episodes of nominee Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures soon! And, we know that another fan-favorite nominee the Santa Clauses is back as well!

Canceled Nominees

Credit: Disney+

Sadly, other nominees have reached the end of their run. For example, Disney surprised fans by announcing that season 4 would be the LAST season for High School Musical: The Musical-The Series.

However, that did not stop the fan-favorite documentary from raking in quite a few nominations on its way out! It is up for the award for Original Song for a Children’s or Young Teen Program with nominations for 2 songs: “Finally Free” and “You Never Know.” It also received nods for best Young Teen Series, Casting for a Live Action Program, Costume Design, Hairstyling and Makeup, and Choreography.

Credit: Disney+

Of course, at least fans got some resolution for High School Musical. Disney outright canceled some shows with no resolution at all. For example, National Treasure: The Edge of History came to an unexpected halt. You can read about its demise HERE.

Even so, it received several nominations, too. Those include Editing for a Single Camera Live Action Program, Main Title, and Supporting Performance in a Preschool Children’s or Young Teen Program.

Photo: Disney

Finally, Disney canceled the Mysterious Benedict Society and removed it from Disney+. It won an award at last year’s ceremony, and this year it was nominated for MANY more.

These include Young Teen Series, Lead Performance in a Children’s or Young Teen Program, Younger Performer in a Children’s or Young Teen Program, Writing for a Young Teen Program, Directing for a Single Camera Program, Music Direction and Composition for a Live Action Program, Main Title, Cinematography, Art Direction.

More Nominees

Credit: Disney/Marvel

However, the future of many of the Disney-owned shows nominated for Children’s and Family Emmy Awards is still unknown. And, clearly award nominations and wins mean little when it comes to Disney’s decision whether to renew a series or bring it to an end seeing as many shows have vanished despite any acclaim they may have received.

For example, nominee I Am Groot has wrapped up a second season, but there is no word just yet on a third season. The same holds true for other Walt Disney Company nominees like The Crossover, The Muppets Mayhem, and Big City Greens. We hope all of them are renewed!

Do you think Disney should have canceled award nominees like Mysterious Benedict Society and National Treasure: Edge of History? Do you hope other nominees get renewed? Let us know in the comments! And, feel free to pass the story along to others.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.