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If You Love Pirates You Must Do These Things at Disney

If You Love Pirates You Must Do These Things at Disney

We happen to love all things Pirates and we have quite the hefty list of the BEST activities to enjoy if you love Disney Pirates. Hoist the flagstaff and set your sights on treasure as we search for pirate adventures that you can enjoy at these Disney Parks. How many of these have you tried?

“Treasure of the Seven Seas”

Credit: Donna

Do you want to add a bit more magic to your day at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom?  Disney Guests can help Captain Jack to raid the “Treasures of the Seven Seas!” Best of all it is completely FREE. Simply sign up at the small outpost just past Magic Kingdom’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

This Adventure consists of 5 missions. Once you have completed all 5 missions, you will be asked to join Captain Jack’s crew and receive the GRAND PRIZE of a card signed by Captain Jack Sparrow.

Credit: Donna

This is a great game to enjoy that takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. However, you can complete this game by stopping and returning as needed. With all 5 missions conveniently located in Adventureland, this will provide great interaction with minimal extra steps.

It is important to note that the game resets at the end of your day at the Magic Kingdom. If you fail to complete your mission, you will start back at the beginning of your next trip to Magic Kingdom.

My children loved the interactive elements of each clue. Pirate skulls came alive and shared a clue for our next adventure, a cannon fired, a stone statue spoke, and even a snake tried to charm us with his magical venom. You can see how to sign up for this great adventure HERE.

Sailing Ship Columbia

Credit: Donna

Guests can climb aboard the beautiful Columbia at Disneyland. This full-scale replica of a classic 18th-century pirate ship whisks fellow Pirate fans on an uncharted adventure. Guests can enjoy the many sights and sounds of Frontierland and even see some “wildlife” along the way.

Access to this pirate ship is at the same dock used for the Mark Twain Riverboat at Disneyland. During this 15-minute journey, you can also explore the rustic cabins and storage compartments under the deck. Guests can see what life would be like for pirates with the Captain’s Quarter, Sick Bay, and even the Scuttle Butt.

Credit: Donna

Columbia shares the same waterway as the Mark Twain Riverboat and Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes. A Cast Member shared that when Disneyland first opened only the riverboat and canoes were present. Walt Disney informed an Imagineer that changes needed to be made. The Imagineer thought maybe the congestion of this waterway was Walt Disney’s concern.

To the Imagineer’s surprise, Walt Disney thought a large pirate ship was the missing piece to this waterway. We are very glad that Walt Disney thought to add this pirate adventure.

Disneyland guests can enjoy a 15-minute sailing aboard the Columbia at Disneyland.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Credit: Donna

Pirates of the Caribbean was the last attraction that Walt Disney worked on for Disneyland before he passed. Now, Pirates of the Caribbean is enjoyed in five of the Disney Parks across the world. Each attraction varies a bit depending on the Park.

No matter which you visit, you will no doubt be humming the iconic song for the remainder of your Park day. Among the Kenny the Pirate Crew, we think Disneyland Paris offers the BEST overall experience.

This attraction is very similar to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland in California but is better in many different regards. The entrance to this attraction is similar to the Disneyland version.

Credit: Donna

Without offering too many spoilers, many different moments are a bit scarier than the US counterparts. Guests are greeted by Captain Barbosa, but as he turns around he turns into a skeleton. It is also pretty cool to hear Captain Jack Sparrow speak in French throughout the attraction as well.

The attraction is quite longer at Disneyland Paris and allows more continuity throughout the attraction. At Disneyland Paris, they also have the added bonus of a large pirate-themed land.

The adventure does not end in the attraction.  Young buccaneers can play along Pirate’s Beach and jump aboard the favorite Jolly Roger at the Pirate Galleon.

Pirate Dining

Credit: Donna

At select Disney Parks, guests can dine inside the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. In both Disneyland in California and Disneyland Tokyo, guests can dine in the Blue Bayou. At Disneyland Paris, this dining room is called Captain Jack’s.

Each location offers guests the opportunity to see fellow guests as they set sail on Pirates of the Caribbean. The many Caribbean-inspired dishes will delight all true pirate enthusiasts.

This is such a fun-immersive experience to dine on fun cuisine while enjoying the attraction from a different view. Recently, Disney announced that a Pirate-inspired dining will be coming to the Magic Kingdom. Find out the full details of this HERE.

Enjoy delicious dishes inside the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

Pirates Lair

Credit: Donna

When plans were made for Disneyland, a small island was located in the center of the large river. Many ideas were suggested for this space, but Walt Disney suggested this be for Tom Sawyer Island.

In 2007, this space received a retheme into Pirate’s Lair. Guests can run through these self-guided paths just as Tom Swayer and Huck Finn did as they ran off to live like carefree pirates.

Credit: Donna

Guests can spend as much time or as little as they would like on this adventurous island. Enjoy a swinging bridge, the Smuggler’s Cove, and if you feel brave enough, into the Dead Man’s Grotto. This is a great location to enjoy an adventure apart from long lines and to truly relax and be carefree in the parks.

The day that we visited, there were countless young pirates wearing eye patches and wielding swords. Compared to Tom Sawyer Island at the Magic Kingdom, we prefer the Pirate’s Lair theming.

Enjoy “Pirates Lair” on Tom Sawyer Island at Disneyland.

What do you think of these fun, pirate adventures? How many of these have you enjoyed? Will you be adding any of these to your Disney “Bucket List”? Share your thoughts with us and share these fun adventures with your favorite pirate pals.

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