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This Valuable Disney Tool is Sold Out Now!

This Valuable Disney Tool is Sold Out Now!

If you’re at Disney today, you may have noticed that you can no longer purchase this tool. Unfortunately, this may make planning and navigating your day more difficult now. Take a look here to see what’s missing.


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Built on top of Genie, Genie+ is a paid feature that offers more convenience and flexibility. Here is the shortened version: for $15+ per person per day at Disney World and $20+ per person per day at Disneyland, choose the next available time to arrive at a variety of attractions and experiences using the Lightning Lane entrance.

You can choose to use the standby line instead of purchasing Genie+. In doing so, Disney is not forcing you to pay for this feature. You can make one selection at a time all throughout the day. 40+ attractions are included at Walt Disney World and 15+ attractions are available at Disneyland.

Recent Changes

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Notice in that first paragraph for Disneyland’s Genie+ where it says it is priced at $20 per person per day? Well, that has changed.

Now, it will be $30+ per day! If you choose to book Genie+ before the day of your visit, it will be priced at $30. But, day-of purchases could be even more. It will vary based on the day and season.

 Also, The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure and Mickey’s and Minnie’s Runaway Railway recently joined the Genie+ lineup.

Why Purchase Ahead of Time?

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One thing is for sure: if you know you want to use Genie+ during your trip, get it ahead of time! This will alleviate any guessing on the price.

Not only will it help with budgeting, but it will ensure you can use Genie+ during your vacation. From time to time, Genie+ does sell out. And that is what happened today! That’s right, Genie+ is completely sold out at Disneyland!

Genie+ is completely sold out at Disneyland today! To prevent this on your upcoming trip, be sure and purchase Genie+ ahead of time.

What do you think about Genie+? Do you use it on your trips? If so, will you purchase it in advance? Please let us know in the comments and share this post with a friend.

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