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The hit tv show Bluey hits a BIG record

The hit tv show Bluey hits a BIG record

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Bluey had a fantastic week. See the big record the show just hit!


Screenshot: Disney+

If you are here, then you probably need no formal introduction to Bluey. But for those who stumbled upon this Bluey-loving corner of the internet and wonder what all the fuss is about, here is the rundown.

Bluey is an Australian cartoon series that follows the day-to-day lives of two blue heeler pups, sisters Bingo and the title character Bluey, and their interactions with parents Bandit and Chilli as they spend their days finding bits of magic in the mundane. Each episode lasts 6-7 minutes, and the WHOLE family can enjoy it.

Credit: Bluey official website

In fact, so many people enjoy Bluey that the little show has become a smash hit. Right now, it is the biggest show in Australia! You might say it’s the “Top Dog.”

And it has a huge following here in the USA as well. In fact, despite the fact that 10 new season 3 episodes just dropped on Disney+ in the United States, American audiences are already clamoring for more. Fortunately, one last batch of Season 3 episodes is already airing in Australia, and we can assume they will eventually make their way to Disney+ and Disney Jr. based on the show’s success in the States.

New Record

Credit: Disney+

Bluey has now surprised 1.35 BILLION minutes viewed on Disney+ for the week of July 10-16, 2023. That is a new record for the show!

You may be wondering WHY this week of all weeks. Well, that’s because Disney dropped 10 new episodes on Disney+ on July 12.

Your family may be yearning for more Bluey. Recently we shared the creative team behind Bluey is taking a break after 5 long years.

Credit: Bluey official website

The whole series is excellent, and a good period of rest for the team will surely help to ensure that future episodes will live up to the precedent. Fans will probably agree that they prize the show’s quality over quantity.

Bluey was streamed for 1.35 BILLION minutes the week of July 10-16.

Did you (or your children) watch Bluey when the new episodes aired? Do you love the show? Let us know in the comments below and share this good news with a fellow Bluey fan!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.