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If You Could Create A New Disney World Tour What Would It Be? Fans Weigh In!

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What if Disney put you in charge of creating their next special event or tour at Walt Disney World? What would you create? We asked our readers and they came up with some awesome ideas! Are you listening Disney?

The Magic of Disney Tours

Disney's Exclusive Video Tour of Cinderella Castle Suite
Photo: Disney

Part of the magic of Disney is getting to do something unexpected. One way many guests can do this is by purchasing tickets to a special event or taking a guided tour. Disney is always trying to create new experiences for guests looking to learn more about the parks and the history of the Walt Disney Company. 

Whether you are an animal lover looking to get up close with the Animal Kingdom wildlife, a history buff wanting a glimpse at the utilidoors or a nature lover dying to explore the horticultural beauty of Disney greenhouses – there’s something for everyone at Disney.

While there are a lot of unique experiences already available to guests at Disney World, we wanted to know what guests could dream up on their own. We asked our Pirate Crew “If you could create any Disney World tour, what would it be?” There were some amazing and exciting new possibilities. Let’s take a look at what they dreamed up!

Magic Kingdom Tours

Credit: Disney

Cinderella Castle & Club 33 Tour

It’s no surprise one of the first ideas that came in was a tour of Cinderella Castle. It’s the forbidden fruit of Disney World. We all want to catch a glimpse inside and tour that gorgeous castle suite. You can take a photo tour inside the suite HERE

One reader said their dream tour would not only include a full tour inside the castle, but a brunch afterward at Club 33 and a private meet and greet with Mickey Mouse. What an amazing tour that would be! I’m sure Disney could put any price tag they wanted on it and it would sell out.

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Walt Disney Railroad Tour

Credit: Disney

For those that are in love with the Walt Disney Railroad, they want more! The Magic Behind Our Steam Trains Tour has yet to return, but some guests suggested adding even more behind-the-scenes experiences involving the railroad.

They want to walk the railroad tracks and learn fun facts along the way. After the tour, they would then have dinner on tables set up on the paddle-wheeler. That’s pretty unique!

Parade Tour

Credit: Susan

Another reader suggested they would create a special parade tour. It would take guests up close and personal with the floats and allow them to see how Disney stores, repairs and operates its parade vehicles. There would even be time to chat with performers and learn about the process of rehearsing for a Disney parade. 

Christmas Tours 

Credit: Maggie

There is no better time to visit Walt Disney World than at Christmastime. The decorations are absolutely stunning and will take your breath away.

One reader said she would create a special holiday decor tour. Where you could tour all of the holiday decor warehouses and see how they store and repair all of the decorations for the parks and resorts. You would then get to chat with a cast member about how they get ready for decorations to go up and then take them down.

This sounds like a wonderful experience! Disney has shown us some behind-the-scenes glimpses of their holiday decor warehouses in the past, but to be there and experience it in person would be amazing! 

It’s no small miracle how Disney manages to decorate all of its parks and resorts year after year with decorations that wow and amazing guests all around the world. How cool would it be to see how the magic happens up close?

Aerial Tours

Credit: Buc-ee’s

For one reader, the sky is the limit for their dream Disney tour! They would create an aerial tour over all of the parks from a hot air balloon. 

While a hot air balloon would be a logistical nightmare as far as landing is concerned, a helicopter tour certainly could be achieved! How neat would it be to see the parks from a bird’s eye view? You might even see the special aerial hidden Mickey that exists in Hollywood Studios!

Entertainment Department Tours

Costume and Hair Department Tour

Tremaine Family and Fairy Godmother changing locations at the Magic Kingdom
Credit: KtP Writer Christina

My (Christina) dream tour would be a behind-the-scenes look at the costume department. I am absolutely fascinated with Disney costumes and to learn how they maintain and organize them would be the chance of a lifetime! I’d also love to talk with the wig stylists to learn how they style and keep all of the character’s hair in perfect shape every day.

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Backstage Show Tours

Credit: Disney

Our fellow KTP Writer Kate said she would create a tour behind the scenes of Disney shows. You would first watch the performance and then meet the cast afterward.

It would include VIP seats and meet and greets for some of Disney’s best shows like Festival of the Lion King, Finding Nemo the Musical, Beauty & the Beast, and Indiana Jones. Guests could get an in-depth look at what it takes to put on these amazing shows each day and talk with the performers about their experiences.

To finish the tour, there would be a special viewing of Fantasmic! It would be amazing to also get to meetsome Fantasmic! characters in their performance costumes and learn fun facts about what it takes to coordinate such a massive show.

Fantasmic! Fun Fact: Did you know Ariel is the highest-paid character in Fantasmic!? When all the rest of the characters leave the steamboat at the end of the show, Ariel has to stay behind because she has no legs. Eric covers her with a fire-resistant cape to shield her from the firework debris and she stays behind.

These are some amazing ideas for new Disney tours! It goes to show, if you want to know what Disney fans want out of their vacations, just ask! Special events and experiences enhance the magic of Disney and make lasting memories for years to come. These are just some of the things that keep people coming back year after year. We hope you’re listening Disney and consider some of these awesome ideas for future tours!

What do you think about these Disney World tour ideas? Is there something you’d love to see come to the parks? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out our other “As Chosen by Disney Fans” articles HERE!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.