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Mixed Reactions to the New Top 100 Disney Songs List

Mixed Reactions to the New Top 100 Disney Songs List

Disney fans are having mixed reactions to the new Top 100 Disney Songs list. Do you agree with the selections?

Disney Music

Credit: Disney

We know this to be true: Disney fans love their Disney music. Fans have been enjoying their favorite Disney songs for 100 years! Often, we harbor deep emotional attachments to some of their favorite songs, and why wouldn’t we?

After all, movie music is emotionally compelling. It has the power to connect the characters and story to the viewer’s own experiences. It sets the tone for how we are supposed to feel about what we are watching. We have deep associations between some characters and songs.

For example, can you hear the Imperial March without thinking of Darth Vader? Similarly, if you have seen The Lion King, you can probably HEAR this picture.

Credit: Disney

And the fondness can last long after the initial viewing of a film. If you love Disney music, you can probably name more than one song you love to sing along with. Maybe it is because it is fun to sing, maybe it feels you with nostalgia, maybe it resonates with you and makes you feel seen, or maybe it even makes you feel motivated.

As it turns out, Critics love Disney music, too. Multiple Disney songs have earned critical acclaim and prestigious awards. For example, 14 Disney songs have won the Oscar for best song. These include: “Remember Me” from Coco, “Let It Go” from Frozen, “Man or Muppet” from The Muppets, “We Belong Together” from Toy Story 3, and others!

Billboard Top 100 Disney Songs

Credit: Disney

Billboard is the entity known for putting together the Billboard Hot 100 each week. Over the years, it has been fun to see popular Disney songs climb the chart! For instance, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” became the first song to top the charts since 1993, when “A Whole New World” from Aladdin also claimed the spot.

Now, Billboard has put together a list of The 100 Greatest Disneyverse Songs of All Time. According to Billboard, these 100 songs helped define the timeless Disney brand over the past 100 years.

For the purpose of the list, it is important to know that Billboard did not select songs written for intellectual property that was later acquired by Disney. Only songs written specifically for Disney, owned by Disney at the time of its creation, made the cut. That means you will not see such hits as “Spider Pig” from the Simpsons on this list. But, you will see plenty of other interest-grabbing titles.

Disney Parks Music! Made the List!

Credit: Susan

Disney Parks fans will be THRILLED to know that some of your favorite Disney Parks Songs made the top 100 list. After all, science proves that Disney Parks music can move us, too.

#99: “Nothing Can Stop Us Now” from Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway is a song that inspires joy. It is the perfect “perfect picnic” narrative!

#96:”Golden Dream,” the gorgeous ballad that closes out The American Adventure in EPCOT, also grabbed a spot. The attraction tells the story of America using one Disney’s best accomplishments in terms of Audio-Animatronics. in the end, Golden Dream provides finale music, and it just might leave you misty-eyed.

Credit: Katie P

#92: “Promise” comes to us from IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, which was once EPCOT”s nighttime spectacular. Promise is a beautiful, hopeful song. In fact, many couples have chosen it as their wedding song over the years.

#86: “One Little Spark” from the 1980s version of Journey Into Imagination With Figment also comes to us from EPCOT. The song captures the original intent of EPCOT, and the updated song played on the current version of the ride also promotes that same message.

#84: This one takes us over to the Magic Kingdom. “Grim Grinning Ghosts” from The Haunted Mansion sets the stage perfectly for the classic Disney attraction.

Credit: Disney

#77: “We Are Here to Change the World” from Captain EO claimed the spot. While this show starring Michael Jackson has been long since removed, its fans still love the songs.

#74: “Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit” from Kitchen Kabaret is another attraction song that also vanished from EPCOT. Truly, this song is the stuff nostalgia is made of, and I bet fans still hum it from time to time.

#54: “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me)” from Pirates of the Caribbean stole a spot. The classic attraction has been capturing the hearts of dreamers of all ages for years, and that will hopefully continue for another 100 years to come.

Credit: Susan

#49: “Soarin Theme” from Soarin’ Over California glides into the top 50. You can also hear this gorgeous piece on Soarin’ Around the World.

#33: “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” from Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progreess captures the theme for Tomorrowland. Certainly, those who experience the attraction can’t help but join in the final chorus!

The Top 10

Credit: KtP writer Donna

As you will see, one Dinsey Parks song actually cracked the top 10. Without further ado, here is the list of the top 10 songs.

  • 10 — “Breaking Free” from High School Musical
  • 9 — “A Spoonful of Sugar” from Mary Poppins
  • 8 — “The Climb” from Hannah Montana: The Movie
  • 7 — “The Mickey Mouse March” from The Mickey Mouse Club
  • 6 — “A Whole New World” from Aladdin
  • 5 — “When You Wish Upon A Star” from Pinocchio
  • 4 — “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast
  • 3 — “it’s a small world” from it’s a small world
  • 2 — “Let It Go” from Frozen
  • 1 — “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid

Mixed Reactions

Credit: KtP

A number of fans are pleased with the full top 100 list, but just as many are frustrated by it. Some people, for instance, feel that specific songs don’t rank high enough. Some feel that their favorites were snubbed in favor of lesser songs. And, still others disprove of some of the songs that made the list in the first place.

It’s your turn to weigh in. What to you think of the top 100 list? Did your favorite make the cut? What would you have ranked differently. Let us know in the comments. And, be sure to pass this along to your friends and family who want to join the conversation.

Source: Billboard

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Sunday 11th of June 2023

I'm wondering if "Hey Mickey" made the list. (???) The songs listed are great - it doesn't concern me so much at what number they are shown as. What upsets me is where are so many of these songs in the parks???? The Imagination ride barely plays the song now. And what happened to "Making Memories" prior to going into the Imagination ride. In fact so many rides no longer have a musical entrance while you wait on lines. Of course there is also - no more evening parades in Magic Kingdom. There were so many great songs echoing through out the park with the parades - especially the electrical light parade. Honestly, I didn't get that feeling of nostalgia when Magic Kingdom's afternoon parade came by. I could not even tell you if there were any songs from their movies. Just another example of Disney cutting back on the guests enjoyment. This also creates longer lines with so much less entertainment going on in the parks. Especially the limited amount of Disney characters walking around.

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