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One Disney Recreational Activity is Currently Closed

One Disney Recreational Activity is Currently Closed

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It is always a disappointment when things are unexpectedly closed on your Disney vacation. One fun recreational activity is currently closed.

Unexpected Refurbishments

Credit: Donna

Refurbishment is a dreaded word for Disney fans who will soon be visiting Disney Parks. In theory, we all understand that refurbishments are a necessary part of keeping each Park magical. 

Generally, Disney let us all known when refurbishments will happen and any possible construction ahead of time. This allows guests ample time to prepare and make alternative changes in case a favorite attraction or dining location will be closed.

Earlier today, we shared that this unexpected refurbishment at Mission Space was happening. You can read about those details HERE.

Saratoga Springs

Credit: Susan

Disney’s Saratoga Springs is inspired by historic Saratoga Springs, a late-1800’s New York retreat famous for its spas and horse racing. At this Disney Deluxe resort, guests enjoy this charming, Victorian-style Resort hotel is nestled between rolling golf course greens of Lake Buena Vista golf course.

You can read the complete guide to Saratoga Springs resort HERE. Saratoga Springs is a pretty special resort in the fact that it has two feature pools. Both of these pools have splash pads/water play areas and water slides.

There are also three quiet pools (including the Treehouse Villas pool) for a total of FIVE pools. One of these quiet pools has a fun splash pad as well.

Unexpected Closure

Photo Credit: Heather

Unfortunately, the splash pad in the Grandstand section at Saratoga Springs is currently down for a “mechanical issue” per Cast Members. The splash pad was down all day yesterday and still down today. Currently, Guests can sometimes see a little bit of water flowing out of the sprayers and other times there is nothing at all.

A lifeguard reported that someone will be here to work on it today, and they are hopeful it will be up and running later today. This is a bit of a disappointment for those staying in the Grandstand section as this is a fun water area. However this mechanical issue is only affecting the splash pad as the pool and hot tub are still open.

Lifeguards are reporting a mechanical issue for the Grandstand section splash pad. They are reporting that it will be getting worked on today, and will hopefully be running later today.

Credit: Susan

There are still two other splash pad/water play areas for Guests to enjoy. You will find these in the Springs section and the Paddock section. Hopefully this mechanical issue is an easy fix and Guests can continue enjoying this fun splash pad soon!

Are you at Saratoga Springs right now or will be visiting soon? Will this unexpected closure interrupt your vacation? Let us know in the comments below.

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