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This Disney World Resort Refurbishment is a Home Run

This Disney World Resort Refurbishment is a Home Run

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I don’t know about you, but I love staying in a newly refurbished hotel. Updates to the hotel rooms make the rooms feel fresh and NEW! Come along with me as we check out this newly refurbished room.


Credit: Disney

From time to time Disney has scheduled refurbishments for anything from rides and restaurants to hotels. Even though we all may not like seeing or hearing construction, it is a necessary part of keeping things safe and up to date. We all want to be able to enjoy the nice new things, and refurbishments have to happen for this to occur.

When hotel rooms are refurbished, they do them in sections. On one of my (Heather) most recent visits, I was lucky enough to stay in a newly refurbished room. This refurbishment definitely moved this hotels ranking up a couple of notches for me.

All-Star Sports

Credit: Monica

One of the three All-Star resorts is All-Star Sports. It sounds exactly as you would expect: a sports theme. Since this is a value resort, Disney really went above and beyond with the in-your-face theming. The larger than life statues and team colors are perfect for any sports enthusiast. Value resorts are synonymous with reasonable prices and accommodations and amenities geared towards children and families.

Do you think this is a good resort or one of the worst on Disney property? Check out Monica’s review of the OLD rooms HERE. I, however, feel differently than Monica now that this resort has been updated.

First Impression

Photo Credit: Heather

When you first walk in, the general layout of the room is the same. There is only so much room they had to work with. Right off the bat the room looks brighter and more open.

The walls have been updated to white in the main area and the wallpaper border around the room has been removed. Classic Mickey, Minnie and Donald pictures decorate the room.

Photo Credit: Heather

There is a small coffee bar with storage for snacks and the beverage cooler when you first walk in. There is also room for snacks and such on top of the dresser, but I prefer to have things more out of the way.

New Bed Set Up

Photo Credit: Heather

One of the biggest thing you will notice when you first walk into a refurbished room at All Star Sports is the new bed setup! This is a big improvement. The new bed setup is one regular bed and on pull down Murphy bed. With this bed away you know have a table with two chairs. This gives you and your party room to eat and move about the room a little easier. When the bed is pulled down you can see Huey, Dewey and Louie sleeping.

The value rooms are small, so with this change you feel a big difference with all that OPEN SPACE! I personally think these Murphy style beds are a must for every Disney hotel room.

With this bed change, they have removed the table and chairs that were off to the side as they are now part of the pull down bed. This gives you even more space to store luggage or even that stroller.

New Floors

Photo Credit: Heather

Hallelujah! New flooring! That is another HUGE improvement to this room. With the carpet removed, these floors can now be easily cleaned.

Who knows what was in that carpet before? Spills and messes can be managed without much hassle. The new floors make the rooms feel brighter and cleaner! This flooring makes all the difference.

Bigger TV

Photo Credit: Heather

Yes, you are on vacation and probably won’t be spending much time in the room, however the larger TV is a nice touch. This new TV is mounted on the wall too. That was one thing that Monica suggested in her review; it was a great idea!

Unfortunately, this room does not have an interactive TV like in some of the other rooms on property, but that is not a must. You still have a scrolling program guide that makes finding something to watch easy enough.

It would be nice if eventually all rooms got the interactive TV with the “Welcome Family” when you walk in the room. It just adds a nice magical touch to your vacation.

New Dresser

Photo Credit: Heather

A new dresser was definitely going to be a must in this refurbishment! There is no more dated TV cabinet. This dresser is big and offers a lot of space to store all of your clothes for the week. There are also outlets to charge all of your electronics as well.

Still looking for more storage space or outlets? There are also built-in nightstands on either side of the beds. These don’t have drawers, but do offer a cubby to store a few items plus more outlets. There are no lack of outlets to charge all of your devices in this room!


Photo Credit: Heather

Boy, that bathroom sure needed an update! Check it out now. It has fresh new tiles on the floor and in the shower and a beautiful green wall for a pop of color.

The tub shower combo now has a glass sliding door versus a curtain. This is a big plus. Who wants to be brushed by a wet hotel shower curtain? Not me!

Photo Credit: Heather

The bathroom counter now spans the entire wall, giving you plenty of space to store all your family’s toiletries. There is also a small closet. It doesn’t offer much space, but there is enough room to hang a few items if needed.

Final Thoughts

Photo Credit: Heather

Even though All Star Sports may not be my first choice when staying on Disney property, this refurbishment will definitely make me rethink it if they offer a good deal. The update makes things feel bigger and cleaner.

These rooms are still small and can feel cramped when traveling with a family. However, sometimes you can snag a decent price and be able to enjoy those on site perks.

I love this refurbishment and feel that the clean and simple look is best. I know many people love the value resorts because they scream “DISNEY,” but I am not one of them. These rooms now match the refurbished rooms at All-Star Movies and All-Star Music.

Overall, this refurbishment was greatly needed and Disney did a fantastic job seeing it through. I would be much more likely to book and recommend others to stay here now after this home run of an update!

What do you think of the refurbishment at All-Star Sports? Have you stayed in an updated room? Would this refurbishment make you book this hotel? Let us know in the comments below and share this post with a friend.

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Saturday 1st of July 2023

Hi there, thank you for your article it's so informative. Do you know if all the rooms have been updated at All Star Sports?


Friday 16th of June 2023

Do you happen to know if the refurbishment of all the rooms is completed? Staying in July and was just wondering what the chances were of getting a new room. Thanks.


Friday 9th of June 2023

I have stayed in an updated room. I always had an issue with no privacy in the dressing area. Every hotel that has such a small bathroom and a sink on the outside needs a barn door or some form of a curtain. You don’t always go with someone you want to change in front of or brush your teeth in front of. So rooms with a covering gets a thumbs up from me.

Heather Alosa

Thursday 15th of June 2023

Agree, a door or something would be nice to offer more privacy.

Cheryl McCallum

Saturday 3rd of June 2023

Monica, thank you for your article. I stayed at this resort in January and was disappointed that it had not been updated. I usually stay at Pop Century but decided to change it up. There is one other change that I personally appreciated. No more wall safe. No more key! The safe is now part of the dresser and digitally locks. The safe is large enough to store a laptop, other electronics and valuables. A very welcomed addition.

Heather Alosa

Thursday 15th of June 2023

Thank you for reading. It is such a nice change and agree! A very welcome addition!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.