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All-Star Sports is now the WORST Disney World resort to stay at

All-Star Sports is now the WORST Disney World resort to stay at
Credit: Monica

All-Star Sports is open once again, meaning Disney has officially reopened all Disney World resorts! I can see why Disney would wait so long to reopen it. It is the WORST resort to stay at. See my review here.

All-Star Sports

Credit: Monica

One of the three All-Star resorts is All-Star Sports. It sounds exactly as you would expect: a sports theme. Since this is a value resort, Disney really went above and beyond with the in-your-face theming. The larger than life statues and team colors are perfect for any sports enthusiast. Value resorts are synonymous with reasonable prices and accommodations and amenities geared towards children and families.

We will have a full guide to All-Star Sports along with All-Star Movies and All-Star Music soon, but in the meantime we want to share why we believe All-Star Sports is the worst hotel on Disney property.


Credit: Monica

If you have ever stayed at the All-Star resorts or even POP Century, you know the inside of the room is not themed at all. Even though the main building and outdoor areas are themed, the rooms themselves are not. In fact, all of these rooms are exactly the same inside.

While All-Star Sports rooms still have a little theming compared to other value resorts, everything else about the room screams I NEED UPDATED. I was really thinking (hoping) Disney would have taken the time during the last two years to refurbish these rooms. I last stayed at All-Star Sports in February 2020 and remember thinking how much these rooms needed some TLC. Recently, I stayed there again.

Everything about this room is so wrong

Credit: Monica

When you walk in, the first thing you notice is carpet. I know many of our readers have a love/hate relationship with hardwood because it makes a room feel sterile. However, I am team hardwood floors. I am not a germaphobe by any means, but carpet in a hotel room gives me icky feelings.

The carpet is blue with shades of green stars because all-stars. It clashes with the green and beige walls and sports-y wallpaper and accents. Kids will probably love the fun colors, but it really shows its age.

Credit: Monica

There are two double beds, and while I love the fact that both are actual beds and one is not a pull-down bed, double beds can be quite tiny for families of four. This is definitely something to keep in mind if your children are older or maybe you just aren’t used to smaller beds.

Then you have the small table and chairs, a very tiny yet bulky dresser (3 small drawers), a beverage cooler/mini-fridge, and small television. I was only here for one night with Donna, but my mind cannot wrap around how I would stay here for a week with my family.

Credit: Monica

There is really no functioning space to put your clothes in drawers or lay out all your park essentials that always get thrown around the room the second you get back to your room. Additionally, the nightstand in-between the beds does not have outlets for your electronics. This can be extremely inconvenient trying to find a spot to charge all of your devices.

The bathroom area is curtained off and has a basic single sink, closet-shelf (if such a thing exists) and a separate locked-off area for the toilet and shower/tub combo. Again, there is nowhere to put your things because there is no storage space. The logistics of getting an entire family ready for a park day in this bathroom would make me question my sanity.

How can Disney make this right?

Credit: Monica

I think with many recent resort refurbishments, Disney has looked to create a timeless look. However, in doing so they have taken out all theming and character that the resort offers. I also understand that many people do not spend their day in their rooms, and that the resort is simply a place to sleep. And that is fine! I am the same way.

But, I believe Disney still owes it to its Guests who are paying $150-$250/night to stay here to at least bring the room up to the 2020s. Starting with hardwood floors and a fresh coat of light blue or light green paint throughout the bedroom and bathroom would be really pretty but keep some of the theming.

Credit: Jamie

The second biggest thing would be to remove the current dresser and place a larger, more sleeker one in its place. Mounting a television on the wall so there is adequate “counter” space would be amazing. Look at the bathroom at POP Century (pictured above). There’s no reason why Disney cannot do in the Sports rooms. Both Movies and Music are updated as well! Why spend the same amount of money at Sports when I can stay in an updated room at Movies or Music?

Lastly, I would put a new vanity and mirror in the bathroom. Even if they only keep one sink, at least adding some more counter space and drawers would greatly help. I really love the storage space in POP Century and would love to see something similar.

Call me, Disney, I can help you fix All-Star Sports.

For families…or not?

Credit: Monica

I know some of you may be shaking in your head that I am talking so horribly about All-Star Sports. I get it. It’s one of the last few resorts that have really great theming for small children, and its price point makes it affordable for more families to visit Disney World.

However, there is just no adequate storage space in these rooms that would hold everything a family needs for a week at Disney. Unless you like living out of a suitcase (I don’t), this lack of organized space will frustrate you.

Let’s not forget that there is only bus transportation at the All-Star resorts. You can spend a little bit more and stay at POP Century or Art of Animation and have Skyliner access to two parks. Art of Animation still has heavily-themed rooms, which is perfect for small children.

Credit: Monica

Yes, it is still a nice resort! Any resort on Disney property will be clean and comfortable. However, for the reasons listed above All-Star Sports ranks dead last out of all the 30+ Disney World hotels.

I really wanted to like All-Star Sports, but after staying there two times I just cannot bring myself to stay here until Disney refurbishes the rooms. In the future, I definitely prefer Movies if I am planning to stay at an All-Stars resort.

Do you love All-Star Sports? Is your favorite resort to stay at? Or, do you agree with my review? Let me know in the comments below and on Facebook!


  1. Disney needs to update All Star Sports. The All Star Movie and Music are the same price, updated, and queen size beds. That being said Disney also needs to update AoA. Keep the heavy theme in the rooms, but get rid of a pull out sofa bed and full size Murphy bed. I’d rather stay at All Star Music Family Suite with 3 queen beds and large kitchenette vs an AoA Suite with 1 queen 1 Full Murphy and 1 pull out sofa at $200 less per night.

  2. I actually am in the minority I like that you can still enjoy something that is from older disney. In my opinion disney has been in such a hurry to make things modern that they lost a lot of their special feeling there. The refurbished rooms aren’t themed and in short amount of time the cbr pirate rooms will be no more. I like the new star wars area in Hollywood studios but deeply miss Osborne lights in Christmas time. Like I said I’m probably in the minority but it’s ok.

    • I appreciate your honest opinion, and I do love to hear different views! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. It was built as a more budget friendly hotel. Disney hotels are expensive to stay at. They wanted to provide a hotel that guest could afford but still get a taste of Disney. It’s not meant to impress. It’s meant for people to save money. They listened to guest and this is what guest were asking for so it’s what they provided. Yes it’s not fancy but if is Disney.

  4. Loved port orleans riverside. Haven’t stayed at all star sports but from the pictures port orleans looks way better

  5. You only say that because you haven’t experienced the dumpster fire that is the Port Orleans… Which literally caught on fire last week, but wasn’t in the news. Although the theft and the murderer that was staying there was.

    • I stayed at Port Orleans Riverside and enjoyed it. When I wrote this review I considered the resort and room not various incidents that have occurred there.

  6. I’ve stayed at all of them. I didn’t like Pop because of the parking. Spaces are small and the walk can be far. But it turns out I like Pop Century after a second and third and 4th stay. The sports needs renovating. Agree with article. But until Disney gets their act together, stays out of politics and makes it more like it used to be I’m not ever going back. When I vacation I want the companion ship of the people I’m with. I don’t want them looking at phones all day long and I certainly don’t want to be on my phone. I want the days of just being able to stroll the park and do what ever I feel like doing next. Been going since 1973. Sometimes two and three times a year even if just for a weekend. I think I’ve been there and seen enough. Just not that fun of a get away anymore. Too stressful cost too much. Food isn’t great and that’s way to expensive. So see ya Disney.

  7. My wife and I stayed there the very day it reopened. The beds are small but we both fit just fine. If you toss and turn a lot you may have trouble though. If you have two small children and parents you will be just fine for room but more than two adults will definitely crowd the room. We didn’t mind it for a weekend stay since the whole point of the room is to sleep in and then go to the parks. I would say that this resort is not for extended stay or large families. More for 2-3 adults or two adults and 1-2 small children. We were there for a race and it did its job just fine. I would not say “worst.” Just be mindful of why and with whom you are going.

  8. We enjoyed it a few years ago. Honestly I would be disappointed if the bathroom looked like the pastel colored one pictured in the article. As the kids get older, they do feel a little small, but you know what you’re getting when you book, if you read information

  9. I totally agree with you, it’s been long enough, I stayed there before with my family and was very disappointed, the 2nd time around we stayed at the wilderness camp grounds. A little more money , but it was worth it. I loved the thought of being at Disney all star , but it wasn’t worth it.

  10. Stayed at sports back in 08 and it was not worth the price back then. Beds were beyond uncomfortable. Theming in the room was meh. Had youth sports teams around us that were loud enough to wake you up earlier than you wanted but not loud enough to need to call management.

    Disney should designate this resort just for the teams at wide world of sports.

  11. We stayed there last week in the surfs up building. We noticed that the rooms on our hall were getting hardwood floors. Ours still had carpet. But I knew what I was getting when I booked it. It felt like I was sleeping into the same room I stayed in in 2008!

    • Yes I’ve seen reports elsewhere that some rooms are getting hardwood floors but no other updates. I only reviewed my experience for this article.

  12. Movies was always my least favorite All-Star resort but I haven’t stayed at Sport since 2000. We are just a couple, so we don’t need all the storage but queen is a minimum size bed for us. We love Pop and Music.

  13. For a family of 4 (2 small children) I would say if it is they’re first time at Disney and they’re on a budget, it wouldn’t be too bad to stay here. Yes, it needs updating! However, if you’ve never stayed in any other Disney Hotel, you’d probably think it was ok. I stayed here a long time ago and would never stay here again! (Okay, maybe if they brought the price down to $79.00 per night and if it were just 2 of us). Then I would forego the bus and drive my own car (which we really don’t like to do because we like to have a cocktail and don’t drive if we do).

  14. Yes, it’s really bad! I can’t believe Disney didn’t take the time to refurb it while it was closed. Sport teams/cheerleaders will still enjoy staying there because they are still at Disney. Yes needs a refurb ASAP!

  15. This is my least favorite of the All Star resort. I stayed there all the time when I used to take my grandson, but I’ve since made Pop Century my fav!!

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