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Major technology glitches are still taking place right now

Major technology glitches are still taking place right now

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If you’re trying to access a Disney platform, you may notice a major glitch. Take a look at the details here and let us know if you’re affected.

My Disney Experience

Credit: Maggie

The My Disney Experience app and website continue to be the heart of planning Disney vacations both at home and while on vacation. Guests manage reservations, tickets and itineraries on the “My Plans” section. See how to link your family and friends in your MDE app HERE.

You can see your day planned out including Genie+ selections (after purchasing it). Although critics say using My Disney Experience for virtually everything on Disney vacations ties us to our phone too much, others love the convenience. 

Disney Glitches

Screenshot: MDE

This morning, we reported that guests experienced a MDE glitch affecting their ability to use Genie+. The app allows guests to purchase Genie+, but when booking the first selection, it’s giving them an error that they haven’t purchased Genie+.

Then, when guests follow the prompts, an error pops up saying they need to link their admission. If you experience this glitch or another glitch while visiting Disney World, be sure to go to Guest Relations and see if they can help. Tonight, however, Disney has an even bigger problem.

System Wide Glitch

Credit: Screenshot MDE

Tonight, Disney IT is experiencing a widespread glitch impacting some accounts. Not only does this affect Disney Parks, but it could also affect Disney+, ESPN, Hulu, and D23.

Tonight, Disney IT is experiencing a widespread glitch impacting some accounts.

Hopefully Disney will correct this major error soon! It’s hard to understand how a large company such as Disney can have so many glitches, including this one.

Has this Disney widespread glitch affected you? Or have you experienced a Disney IT glitch before? Please share your thoughts in the comments below and share this post with a friend so they can see if they’re affected.

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Thursday 9th of March 2023

I was affected also. Said my account was deactivated. Can’t even get in to get hotel reservation information, early park admission, lightning pass, genie set up at 7:00. It’s been down since early afternoon today. I went to guest services and they gave me a paper map for the park and told me it wound be fixed soon. It is now 10:23pm and it is not fixed. We will not be renewing passes.

Carol McAdams

Thursday 9th of March 2023

I'm in WDW right now and I can't use my MDE and I can't watch my Disney+ or my Hulu because of this glitch. I used my MagicBand around 10AM this morning to buy breakfast and then about 1PM when I tried to use it for mobile checkout in Disney Springs, I noticed my MDE account was showing my account as "deactivated". And since my account is "deactivated" and Disney has connected everything, I can't log into MDE while I'm actually in WDW, I can't log into Disney+, and I can't log into Hulu. And of course, "We're working on it!"


Thursday 9th of March 2023

Disney has terrible IT. They keep rolling out more programs such as Genie+ that are terrible. Fast Pass was great and you could easily make changes and could book 60 days in advance and it was free. Now we need to pay for Genie+ that you need to log in at 7am and not easy to make changes as you if no good change you lose what you have. No comparison and you have to pay for it! Often have trouble logging into different applications. So stop building all these new apps etc until they can get everything to work well. Hate having to live on my phone on vacation. That is why I take a vacation!


Thursday 9th of March 2023

And this is why Genie+ needs to cease to exist. I go often to wdw so if I don't get to do something when I'm there due to technology issues it's aggravating but not a huge deal. However, lots of guests visit once every several years and having to deal with technology glitches would be terrible when a disney vacation is sooo expensive with fewer perks anymore.

I tried to make reservations with dvc today online using my 11 month window and got a message my account was deactivated. When I called dvc, the cast member said it was a global wide issue.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.