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Man breaks Disney World rule but claims his weapon was stolen from Cast Member

Man breaks Disney World rule but claims his weapon was stolen from Cast Member
Credit: Monica

A man claims his weapon was stolen from a Disney World Cast Member, but he also broke property rules.

Weapon Rules on Property

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There are few places in this world that most people always feel safe, and Disney has always been one of them. Disney security and local law enforcement always do an excellent job detecting and detaining individuals that carry guns. Thankfully this prevents the unthinkable.

Per Disney policy, Guests are not permitted to bring weapons to any Disney property. These include firearms, ammunition, knives, and other weapons of any kind. Objects or toys that look like firearms and weapons are also prohibited.

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Unfortunately, that does not stop people from bringing them on property. You may remember a man brought a gun to the TTC parking lot and was looking in vehicles. Or the man who was caught attempting to bring his weapon into Hollywood Studios.

Not to mention the Guest who security caught trying to bring a gun an ammunition into Disney Springs.

Latest Incident

Credit: Monica

According to a recent report, a Guest staying at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn claims his gun was stolen out of his luggage. The incident occurred over Labor Day weekend. However, when he got home he realized the weapon was missing from his bag.

The report states he last saw the gun around 7:00 am September 4 when he handed the luggage over to bell services for safe keeping. He was checking out for the day but needed for the Resort to hold on to his luggage. According to the report, he does not know the name of the person who handled his luggage.

Credit: Monica

A man claims his weapon was stolen from Disney World property over Labor Day weekend. Despite this, he also broke the rules by bringing a weapon onto Disney World property.

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  1. Not understanding someone’s (legal) act does not mean that the crime committed (someone stealing his firearm) is not a crime. There’s no reason or justification needed.

  2. I was aware that was available early on in Disney but was under the impression that this secure storage option was discontinued years ago. Unless it has been reestablished

  3. Unfortunately now a days you almost need to. Law Enfiorcement, DA offices and judges no longer uphold laws and punish accordingly. Many counties no longer have cops 24/7. People are on their own now.

  4. Jack’s speculation that Disney does not offer “proper, safe storage” for firearms is not factual. Guests at all Disney World Parks and Resorts are provided secure storage for their firearms. If guests with properly licensed weapons voluntarily notify cast members upon arrival at the Park or Resort, security personnel will secure them in safe deposit facilities until the guest is prepared to depart Disney property. If guests do not volunteer to check their weapons, which are subsequently discovered in their possession, they are then subject to arrest by law enforcement and additionally banned from all Disney properties.

  5. I have no idea of this particular person’s exact situation but I can speculate that, if driving to DW, especially if over long distances and over multiple days, some people might feel that, given the state of affairs in some places through which they might pass, having a legal and properly licensed firearm in their possession adds to their security over that travel time. Florida also has reciprocal carry privileges with many states so it is actually legal for some out of state people to possess and carry their firearm while in Florida. As Disney is private property with the right to ban firearms and other weapons on site, the problem becomes one of proper, safe storage after arrival. Disney being Disney and liabilities and legalities being what they are, I don’t see them spending the money to offer a practical solution to this situation, so the best and only approach is for people not to bring a weapon along on their trip.

  6. If you didn’t bring a gun to Disney then you wouldn’t have anything to worry about.

    I’m not sure why you feel you need a weapon when going to Disney world, perhaps somebody can explain that to me

  7. Oh and Monica, don’t you mean stolen BY a cast member? Your Lede implies a guest stole a firearm that was in the posession of a cast member, not the other way around.

  8. Which is why one never leaves valuables of ANY kind in checked bags ANYWHERE! If you travel with a firearm it’s control is your responsibility. Period. Now, thanks to this, someone of unknown but apparently poor character, has a firearm. Assuming the guest was going to spend the balance of the day in a park, they’d have been far safer locking the firearm in their car. I’m assuming that they drove as one has to declare a firearm in checked airline baggage and there are other strict rules for its transportation.

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