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NEW: Man Caught with a Gun at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

NEW: Man Caught with a Gun at Disney's Hollywood Studios
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The Guest was hoping to be able to sneak it into the park without being detected.

No Weapons on Property

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There are few places in this world that most people always feel safe, and Disney has always been one of them. Disney security and local law enforcement always do an excellent job detecting and detaining individuals that carry guns. Thankfully this prevents the unthinkable.

Per Disney policy, Guests are not permitted to bring weapons to any Disney property. These include firearms, ammunition, knives, and other weapons of any kind. Objects or toys that look like firearms and weapons are also prohibited.

Hollywood Studios weapon incident

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Just last month, a man was caught bringing a weapon to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The incident took place on June 25, 2022.

According to the police report, the 25 year old voluntarily placed his bag on a security table so it could be inspected by Disney security at the theme park. However, when Freeman opened a zipper, he took the bag off the table and proceeded to ask a woman he was with if she had taken something out of the bag.

Authorities found a 40mm Smith and Weston handgun, a magazine, and 13 rounds inside the bag. He did not have a permit to carry, so he was arrested with concealed carrying without a permit.


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Our team is so thankful to Disney security Cast Members and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for their hard work day in and day out. It seems these occurrences are becoming more common, and we applaud them for keeping us safe.

As a reminder, weapons of any kind are not allowed on Disney World property. So, please, do not bring them. Disney’s security scanners received an upgrade a few years ago, and they are amazing at detecting weapons.

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