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NEWS: Security Stops Man With Gun and Ammunition At Disney

NEWS: Security Stops Man With Gun and Ammunition At Disney
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According to Orange County Sheriff’s deputies, an armed man was stopped and arrested while trying to enter a Disney property. More details below.

Weapons on Disney Property

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There are few places in this world that I have always felt safe, and Disney has always been one of them. In the past, we have heard of different occurrences where security have stopped and detained individuals for carrying guns and thankfully have intercepted to prevent the unthinkable.

Per Disney policy, Guests are not permitted to bring weapons to any Disney property. These include firearms, ammunition, knives, and other weapons of any kind. Objects or toys that look like firearms and weapons are also prohibited.

One would think that guests would adhere by the rules. However, an armed man was stopped at security while trying to enter Disney Springs.

News Report at Disney Springs

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According to Local10.com, a Florida news station, Aaron Josue Lopez, 35, from Royal Palm Beach was stopped at the Orange parking garage in Disney Springs on May 27, 2022. A scanner alerted security about a possible problem.

Disney Security released the following statement in the sheriff’s report:

“I told him I was going to search his bag and he told me he had a folding knife in his bag. I told him to show me the knife then I said I would have to search his bag. Still hasn’t put it on the table at this point. Then he proceeds to say, ‘Oh there’s something else in here besides a knife that I wanna put back in my car.’ He then promptly turned around and walked away.”

Credit: Disney

Lopez was stopped by security as he walked away and was brought to deputies. They found that he was carrying a folding knife, a black and bronze 9mm Glock handgun, two Glock 19 magazines with 17 rounds of ammo in each, and one box with 14 rounds of ammo.

After a background check was conducted, deputies reported that Lopez did not have a license to carry a concealed firearm. Lopez was booked into the Orange County jail and charged with carrying a concealed firearm.

Once again, we are thankful that security and security scanners intercepted this individual.

Why do you believe that individuals do not follow the rules of bringing in firearms, ammunition, knives, and other weapons of any kind onto Disney properties? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and in our Facebook group.

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