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Disney cancels multiple showings of popular Magic Kingdom entertainment

Disney cancels multiple showings of popular Magic Kingdom entertainment
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Heads up if you are traveling to Disney World soon: Disney has canceled showtimes for popular Magic Kingdom entertainment.

Festival of Fantasy parade

Credit: Susan

Magic Kingdom offers plenty of entertainment options. Parades, fireworks, stage shows…everywhere you turn you are bound to run into something!

Magic Kingdom’s daytime parade, Festival of Fantasy is back! It did not resume with the reopening of Disney Parks in July 2020. While cavalcades replaced the parade, it appears both will now entertain Guests visiting The Most Magical Place on Earth. It currently runs twice a day.

Like many of the experiences that have returned, there are some changes. You may remember the Christmas parade this past year was missing quite a few elements. Staffing and health and safety protocols are likely to blame for the changes. You can see which pieces are missing in this post.

Canceled Showtimes

Screenshot: MDE

It’s not uncommon for Disney to cancel performances for any given show. Showtime changes can occur for shows like Festival of the Lion King, Finding Nemo: The Big Blue and Beyond, and even Festival of Fantasy.

Such is the case for Festival of Fantasy. Guests can normally watch the parade twice a day: at 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm. The Disney World website does not have a 12:00 pm show listed on July 24.

The 12:00 pm show on July 24 is canceled.

At this point we are unsure why only one show is canceled on one day. It could be a conflicting event is taking place in the park at that time. Two showtimes resume the following day, July 25.

Screenshot: MDE

However, the webpage has NO TIMES for anything after July 30. Right now, the calendar goes to September 9, and there are no showtimes for July 31 to September 9. Hopefully the calendar will be updated soon to reflect performances.

We do anticipate the parade moving to one showtime a day during the slower season, so that is something to keep an eye on.

We will keep an eye and update if these showtimes are actually canceled! Stay up to date by subscribing to the blog and following us on Facebook.

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