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Magic Kingdom extends refurbishment on Main Street

Magic Kingdom extends refurbishment on Main Street
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Refurbishment is often a dreaded word. See how this lengthy refurbishment is progressing and how this may affect your next trip to the Magic Kingdom.


Credit: KtP

No one really likes to hear that their favorite attraction will be under refurbishment during their trip. Attractions, buildings, and even sidewalks need to be maintained, and refurbishments help the parks run smoothly. On almost every trip you take, you are bound to run into some type of refurbishment.

From resorts to transportation, there is always work to be done at Disney Parks. For several months now, a refurbishment project is in the works on Main Street, USA. Let’s look at the current update.

Main Street, USA

Credit: Donna

Refurbishment work began back in May on the side street near the Crystal Arts storefront. This tiny side street, Center Street, offers quaint seating locations and even showcases Disney artists’ creative silhouette artwork.

Construction walls were erected and work was started (shared in the photo above.) A Cast Member reassured us that this is just a refurbishment for the bricks.

Credit: KtP

The good news is that it appears that the work on Center Street is complete. New brick is in place and a wall of carefully laid trash cans prevents guests from walking down the street.

Credit: KtP

The bad news is that this refurbishment is STILL underway. It appears that this project is slow moving.  This project is now extended even further onto Main Street, USA.

This morning, construction walls are now extended onto Main Street. Guests may no longer use red sidewalks but are funneled onto Main Street. This does create some added congestion.

Credit: KtP

How long will these construction walls block Main Street? Here is a current look at the new phase of refurbishment. This project is slow moving, so it appears that the construction walls may be with us for some time. At this time Disney has not shared a projected end date for this construction.

What do you think about this current refurbishment? Have you traveled down Center Street on previous visits to Magic Kingdom? Which is your favorite spot to visit along this street? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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