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TWO attractions have been CLOSED all day at Magic Kingdom

TWO attractions have been CLOSED all day at Magic Kingdom
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Well, this could certainly put a damper on your plans – especially if you are planning to attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party tonight.

Closed Attractions

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It’s not uncommon for various attractions to close during any given day at Disney World. This may be due to a refurbishment, technical or mechanical issues, or some other safety concern.

This can certainly cause wait times to increase if an attraction is operating at half capacity or at other attractions if a ride is entirely closed. Not to mention, it can be disappointing for Guests who have spent months planning their vacations only to get there and not be able to ride what they were hoping to.

Closed at Magic Kingdom

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Today, October 4, is a bit of a rough day for two attractions at Magic Kingdom. While there are dozens of attractions, shows, and characters, two of the most popular rides in the park are currently closed.

Pirates of the Caribbean and Splash Mountain have been closed all day today. The odd thing is we received a push notification on My Disney Experience for Pirates of the Caribbean but not Splash Mountain. See the announcement below:

On behalf of the entire team at Magic Kingdom Park, I’d like to apologize that Pirates of the Caribbean is currently unavailable. Our Cast Members are working diligently to get the attraction up and running again, and we are sorry that you are not able to experience this attraction at this time. I hope you will enjoy some of our other attractions during your experience in the park today.

Credit: KtP

It is then signed by Melissa Valiquette, the Vice President of Magic Kingdom Park.

Basically, any time you get this notification you can expect a very lengthy closure. Perhaps they expect Splash Mountain to reopen today, but Pirates of the Caribbean will likely remain closed. This is a real bummer considering there is a special Halloween overlay for Pirates of the Caribbean, and that may not happen during the event tonight.

Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean are closed today at Magic Kingdom.

Are you at Magic Kingdom today? Are you disappointed in these closures? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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