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NEW: Disney World Show Comes to an End

NEW: Disney World Show Comes to an End
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See when its last performance will be.


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Guests can catch KiteTails at the Animal Kingdom lagoon. Three-dimensional kites and colorful wind catchers dance in the air to classic Disney songs. This 10-minute show consists of two version.

The first show inspired by The Lion King featuring Simba, Zazu, and Mufasa. Favorite songs from the lion King played during the show. The Jungle Book featured King Louie, Baloo, and monkey and elephant wind catchers. Our favorite songs from the Jungle Book played during the show.

The kites are very oversized and catch your attention as they pass guests from every direction. The smaller kites along with the wind catchers are very fun. The kite movement mimicked their playful movements so well.

Ending Soon

Credit: KtP

Earlier this summer we shared that KiteTails’ future was up in the air (pun intended) with the showtimes removed from the website. It appeared that in between shows, we would see the kites throughout the Discovery River. However, that is not the case anymore.

According to the Disney World website, the show will cease on September 30, 2022. That means the show will have only had one year to delight Guests. Unfortunately, much of the 50th anniversary entertainment has not delighted Guests. This show joins Harmonious and Enchantment in getting cut from the parks.

Credit: KtP

Enjoy Disney KiteTails until its last offering on September 30, 2022.

It’s safe to say the 50th anniversary has been a dud. We were all really looking forward to seeing the magic that Disney could pull out of its hat, but all we were left with was several lackluster shows. Here’s to a great big beautiful tomorrow!

Did you ever see KiteTails? What do you think of its closure? Do you hope Disney puts something else in its place? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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  1. Again, Chapek destroying another aspect of the parks. He doesn’t care about the parks or Walts’ vision. Share prices are down. I’ve lost money. Disney reports profits, I sure didn’t see it in my dividends. Where is it?

  2. I never saw it, so I can say I’ll miss it. Bring back Rivers of Light or another night time show to AK. This park needs it. I hope AK doesn’t start getting preachy. The theme for AK was intended to be animals: past, present, and imaginary. This theming needs to stay. Otherwise we are done with AK (and we are big donors to animal rescue and conservation funds).

  3. To be fair from what I heard the pandemic causd alot of problems and threw a monkey wrench into plans. You can at least appreciate they did something rather then nothing at all. In fact yoy could write some saying it would he a time of recovery with multiple things coming back.

  4. Never saw it, but wanted to…the previous show at least brought the message of conservation of wildlife and wild places. That should be Animal Kingdom’s primary focus. Animal Kingdom is my favorite park.

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