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Disney Annual Passholders still cannot do this ONE thing with park passes

Disney Annual Passholders still cannot do this ONE thing with park passes
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Disney recently updated the park pass reservation system. However, in doing so, they still left out Annual Passholders.

New Changes

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Earlier this week, we shared Disney updated their park pass reservation system. The changes were badly needed, and all together, they are GOOD updates. In short:

  • First, you can now book park passes across all ticket types. Previously, park passes for Annual Passholders, single day tickets, and resort-linked tickets all had to be booked separately. This was very inconvenient for parties that had a mixture of ticket types!
  • Second, the limit of tickets that can reserve park passes will increase to 30 (previously 12). This is great news for larger groups!
  • Third, you will not need to cancel your park pass and then book a new one if you wish to modify your travel plans. This is huge! Now you can change the date and park on the reservation without needing to cancel and rebook.

That last bullet point is where it gets a bit tricky.

Modifying park passes for Annual Passholders

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This biggest change was the ability to modify park passes. Previously, if you wanted a reservation for a different day or park, you had to cancel and re-book. This can be stress-inducing as the desired park or date may no longer be available by the time you cancel and are ready to re-book.

However, Disney failed to update this ability to modify passes for Annual Passholders. In particular, Annual Passholders staying at Disney Resort or other select hotel (Disney Springs, Swan, Dolphin, Shades of Green, etc.).

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These passholders staying at a Disney hotel cannot modify. They still have to cancel and rebook their park pass, according to theme park reporter Scott Gustin.

However, passholders NOT staying at a Disney Resort can modify their reservations. These are the passes that count against your allotted park reservations.

Disney World APs staying onsite will need to continue to cancel and re-book park passes.

We hope Disney will change this soon and allow Annual Passholders staying at Disney Resorts the ability to modify their park passes. It’s really the least they could do considering Annual Passholders are some of Disney’s most loyal fans and are spending the money to stay onsite.

What are your thoughts? Are you Annual Passholder? Do you stay onsite often? Is it frustrating to be left out of this update? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.


  1. Don ‘t get me started. I am an annual pass park holder and an owner of two vacation clubs and they leave us out. Disney We are Loyal to you ! Through all of your up and downs. WE are the people who keep coming back and buying and spending tons of money. And you can’t give us this one perk ? Come on ,Disney ! Does anybody care ? Does anyone hear our cries ? Show Us that We still mean something to you .

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