Home Disney News Breaking: New changes are coming to park passes at Disney World

Breaking: New changes are coming to park passes at Disney World

Breaking: New changes are coming to park passes at Disney World
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Just as soon as you get used to something, Disney changes it! There are new changes for park passes at Disney World.

Park Passes

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I could probably go into a lengthy recap of the park pass system, but you guys know the drill by now. Park passes are required along with the valid theme park admission to enter Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom on any given day.

This system started as a way for Disney to manage park capacity when the parks reopened. They have since evolved into a permanent fixture of the Disney World experience.

Now, there are new changes as Disney seeks to streamline the process. Beginning August 23, there are a few key changes that you will notice with the park pass system.

New Changes

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Disney is implementing several new changes that should streamline the process for you and make it a bit easier to make and modify park passes.

First, you can now book park passes across all ticket types. Previously, park passes for Annual Passholders, single day tickets, and resort-linked tickets all had to be booked separately. This was very inconvenient for parties that had a mixture of ticket types!

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Second, the limit of tickets that can reserve park passes will increase to 30 (previously 12). This is great news for larger groups!

Third, you will not need to cancel your park pass and then book a new one if you wish to modify your travel plans. This is huge! Now you can change the date and park on the reservation without needing to cancel and rebook.

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Overall, these are all positive changes which is a good thing considering Disney has stated several times that park passes are here to stay.

What do you think of these changes? Do you like the park pass system? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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  1. I think Disney was much simpler back in the olden days……in 1997 I got online and booked the hotel, got a hopper pass which meant we could go to any of the parks to include Pleasure Island on any day, any time…..done….no stress, no worries, just having fun…..too bad it’s not like that now….went last year and wow! What a difference since that stress free time in 1997……

  2. So many angry and better people on here and my goodness….if you’re that angry with things you really do need to move on to someplace else. Maybe you should have identified that need years before you became bitter. Companies have to change with The Times and while we may not all like the changes that have to be made they have to be made. If you don’t think that’s true why don’t you go shop at Sears…oh await a minute…. they’re closed because they didn’t change with the times. I’ve loved Disney all my life and I’ve gone to WDW since I was 6. That’s 1971 for those that like math. I’m 56 now and for any of you that are younger than this and are bitter you really need to rethink some things in your life. I am not always happy with the changes but I am willing to pitch and roll with The Times to be able to enjoy the Magic Kingdom which is the greatest theme park in the world and if you all don’t want to go there anymore…. don’t…. because the rest of us will enjoy it without you.
    Not sure why everybody talks about going to universal when they leave Disney I enjoy universal, Disney Sea World, and Busch gardens, all here in the center Florida area. they all have great things to offer and are great experiences. my loyalties don’t have to shift just because one company does something and another company doesn’t do something. That’s ridiculous behavior.. And I love that you all think that your notes on sites like this are gonna change things in companies. it’s not going to happen and I realize that me putting this note in here is not going to change any of you but it allows me to see how blessed I am and how thankful I am for the things that I do have and able to experience the joys of going to the theme parks and not have to bitch about it all the time. Keep living in Bittertown USA people. Misery loves company and you all have found it here. OK I gotta stop here cause I’m headed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios today to live a Star Wars adventure and ride the Tower of Terror. You all had off to work and keep bitching.

  3. I’ve been to Disney on vacation 3 times and this last time it was different…less magic. It is already so expensive without so many upchcharges. I think Disney will keep doing less and and charging more because people keep paying it. I would love less crowded parks but I don’t see that now. I wish park and ride reservations would go bact to how it was. Disney is so greedy!

  4. I have no interest in Disney as my no more with all the their changes. And, it is not for the better. I will stick to Universal. Much better. Let Disney go under

  5. I preferred when we could be more spontaneous and not lock ourselves into going to particular parks on particular days. If someone gets sick the night before a park day or the weather is supposed to be terrible or you decide at the last minute that 2 days of parks have left you too tired and you want to take a day off instead, it would be so much easier to not formally have to cancel and reserve a new day. For those travelling during busier times especially, it would be frustrating to not have the desired park available anymore. It almost happened to us on our most recent vacation where our friends booked into one park ahead of time but we had stuff going on in the family (relative with terminal illness) that prevented us from committing at the same time as our friends. When we finally booked, the parks they were booked into were all full and that was almost 2 months before our trip, which was during non-peak tell him so there’s no reason for the parks to have been full. Luckily new space is opened up at the last minute and everything was okay but I would have been heartbroken if we had to gone with friends on a Disney vacation but not been in the same parks on the same days.

  6. Simple way to deal with the park attendance issues. They require a Magic Band to get into the parks, so they already know what the capacity inside is. Why don’t they mount up some RFID sensors at the exit, much like an expressway toll system, to monitor how many leave and only admit that amount in to replace the lost heads???? This whole reservation setup is jacked up. With Park Hopping, they have no idea if that same initial crush hit the park they chose, and flipped out to another park later in the day, vacating spots within the initial park. Seems so stupid with all the technologies in place they can’t keep a constant head count.

  7. I am one who also could not care less as I too have lost that magical feeling. Chapek keeps hyping all of his changes yet the amount of dissatisfaction seems to continue to escalate. I used to travel 2 times a year to WDW from MD, but we now have discovered other far more relaxing vacation spots. Having said that, Disney is still enjoying a post COVID demand and is exploiting it. This makes sense from a business standpoint but in the long run makes Disney World and Disneyland just another over priced carnival that is losing its’ core loyalist. It really is a shame.

  8. I just spent my last 9 days at Disney. The Magic is gone and Corporate Greed is here to stay! The ones in control are looking to make up for what they lost during Covid. They give you less and charge you more. They took away all the things that made Disney magical. We made the best of it and it will take a few years for my bank account to recover, but there are other places to go so goodbye Disney!!!

  9. With the parks at full capacity again, the reservation thing is pointless other than to limit the amount of APs that show up which appears to be the way they plan to phase out the annual passes…We had been pass holders for years, then I got sick with Covid (in ICU for 2 weeks and then regular floor for 2 more) and missed my renewal date…and they refused to accommodate my renewal when I missed by 3 days. We probably won’t go back for a very long time.

  10. I really am disappointed with the park pass system. When you book them you are hoping to go on the day you select. But things happen and when you need to change often you cannot get into the park you want. I used to go to DW every year but I have quit. Between the park pass system, the fights, people being overly rude and the long wait times it’s just not a vacation. I’m one of those that feel the magic is gone. So sad.

  11. The parks are still OVER CROWDED . And people still aren’t able to get on rides any faster , even with the lightning lane system. I don’t feel that they are truly limiting the amount of people coming into the parks. And, people are very rude to each other. It never used to be that way. Less people , will be fine with me. Maybe, there won’t be any more fist fights and accidents on rides and rides breaking down. I am not trying to be negative. There is still magic all over Disney and I love Disney, but something has got to change.

  12. We live next to wdw so As an AP with platinum and 5 reservation days . When
    kids fly in to visit at Christmas and have 8 days of tickets , can I also get 8 reservation days? No one using hotels. Usually I have to purchase 3 days of tickets for me and husband to guarantee park entrance at Christmas.

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