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MagicBand+ Delayed – What to Expect for your Disney World trip

MagicBand+ Delayed - What To Expect For Your Disney World Trip
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Disney recently rolled out their new MagicBand+ and many people ordered these for their upcoming trips. Are you somebody who ordered one of these new bands and it still hasn’t shipped? Is your trip coming up and your band isn’t going to arrive in time? Read on to find out what to expect!


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Have you seen the new MagicBand+? It’s Disney’s newest MagicBand. It is interactive technology that will take your trip to Disney World to the next level. This band lights up and even vibrates depending on where you are located in the Parks.

Special features display on the band when you are around a 50th statue or during the fireworks. Even tapping into to the parks and your favorite attractions are more magical with this new MagicBand+.

However, there are some things you need to know about before deciding to purchase it. It does drain your battery very quickly, so be sure you save the charging cord that comes with the band and have a portable charging device.

What is even more fun about these bands is you can use them at both Disney World and Disneyland!

Delayed MagicBand+

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If you have a trip coming up soon, you may be getting a little nervous. I (Heather) ordered my family’s MagicBand+’s the day they debuted. However, my order is still in process. We leave very soon!

I am not alone as this is a call that Merchandise Guest Services has been receiving a lot. Disney was not prepared for the amount of people who would be ordering these bands for their upcoming trips. Because of this, they are delayed in getting them to their guests on time.

What To Expect

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So what do you do now? Disney Merchandise Guest Services said that they have just been updated with new information. Guests that will be arriving in the next 14 days will be able to pick up their MagicBand+ upon check-in to their Disney hotel.

I am hopeful that we will now receive our new bands in time! Personally, I wouldn’t have been upset if these were the complimentary bands, but these bands are a little pricey. Fingers crossed that I will see my bands soon!

Guests arriving in the next 14 days will be able to pick up their MagicBand+ upon check-in.

I was also informed that guests will be receiving an email about this. Be sure to check your inboxes!

Will you be affected by the MagicBand+ delay? What do you think of Disney adjusted the shipping and having guests pick up their MagicBand+ upon check-in? Let us know on the Kenny the Pirate Facebook page. Don’t forget to join the KtP crew page, too!


  1. Ordered on the 27th and still processing. I called and was told that it will NOT go to the hotel if not shipped before we leave. And that when I arrive i need to call them again.
    That is what I want to do on the 1st day of a vacation.. I hope they ship

  2. I ordered mine at 5 AM CST day one and picked the same multicolored Mickey and mine still shows as processing and not shipped.

  3. Ordered mine day one and got it over ten days ago. Probably depends on how popular the bads are that you chose. I opted for the multicolor Mickey.

  4. Do you have a number that you called for this? Because I have the tracking number now but I’m afraid it’s too late to switch it to my resort vs it going to my home.

  5. I have been calling every day, they told me when I get the tracking number to call ups and change the address to my resort

  6. This article is informative and helpful and promising. I called customer service twice to ask about our bands and what happens if they don’t arrive in time. They said “sorry, use your old bands or phone” and that there is nothing they can do if they don’t arrive in time. Then they asked me to complete the after call survey and then ended the call so I couldn’t do the survey!

  7. Last week I was given this response via email:

    “MagicBands ordered at least 11 days prior to arrival will be shipped to the address on file.

    MagicBands ordered between 6 and 10 days prior to arrival will be waiting for pick up at your resort hotel’s front desk.”

    We arrive Sunday, so we’re at day 5. I guess we’ll find out soon. I hope they compensate well if they aren’t there.

  8. I ordered at midnight on the 27th. Still nothing. I leave for universal on the 16th and won’t be at Disney until the 22nd which is the 14th day from today. So I’m hoping they will be there. People I know ordered at the same time with engraving and got there’s last week. So who knows lol

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