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New Guardians of the Galaxy attraction is not as popular as expected

New Guardians of the Galaxy attraction is not as popular as expected
Credit: Disney

After a lot of hype, the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind attraction is open! However, recent data may suggest that it is not as popular as expected. See what the numbers say.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Credit: Monica

This new family-thrill coaster matches the fun and thrill of the blockbuster “Guardians of the Galaxy” films. It features our favorite cosmic outlaws: Rocket, Groot, Drax, Gamora and Star-Lord (a.k.a. Peter Quill). The one-of-a-kind attraction is another milestone in the ongoing transformation of EPCOT.

Located in the park’s newly renamed World Discovery neighborhood, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is the first “other-world” showcase pavilion at EPCOT. Xandarians traveled from their world in the Andromeda Galaxy to Earth, or Terra.

Credit: Disney

Here, they invite EPCOT guests to learn more about their people and their advanced technologies. But, it doesn’t go according to plan, forcing the Xandarians to call on the Guardians of the Galaxy for help.

For everything you need to know about the ride, see our guide HERE.

Despite the many months we patiently waited for this attraction, it appears it may have run its course less than 2 months of opening. Why, you may ask? Let’s take a look at some numbers.

Virtual Queue

Credit: Donna

Disney implements a virtual queue so Guests can ride the attraction for free. There are two times you can enter the queue (three if you are taking advantage of Extended Evening Hours). You can read all about the virtual queue process HERE.

We have previously highlighted the best and worst days to experience the attraction based on several factors – one of those being how long the virtual queue remains open.

While the 7:00 am queue fills up within seconds, the 1:00 pm drop tells a different story. Yesterday, July 10, the queue remained open until 6:15 pm. You could consider yourself lucky if it remained open until you could hop at 2:00 pm. 6:15 pm is absolutely crazy.

Individual Lightning Lanes

Credit: Susan

Did you know you can ride Cosmic Rewind a second time? If you are willing to pay up to $17 a person, you can purchase an Individual Lightning Lane. I can say with 100% certainty that it is worth it to ride again! This coaster is so fun.

While return times consistently last a bit longer than virtual queues, they are consistently lasting much longer now. Last night, July 10, you could purchase a Lightning Lane until 7:45 pm. We are not sure if return times “sold out” or if Disney had to stop offering them in order to get everyone through the attraction by closing.

Bonus passes

Credit: Donna

Disney often gives out “bonus passes” for Annual Passholders to entice them into the parks. Most often, Epcot and Animal Kingdom are the choices, and yesterday was one of those bonus days.

So even Disney’s most loyal fans had a “free” day to go on a weekend, which is usually the time locals decide to visit. Despite this, virtual queues and Lightning Lanes still lasted well into the evening. Make it make sense!

Wait Times

Credit: Susan

Wait times at Epcot yesterday matched July 1 for lowest wait times since May 24 for that park. May 24 was before Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind even opened! The average wait time yesterday was about 25 minutes, and that takes into account popular attractions like Test Track and Frozen Ever After.

We have already discussed the fact that this summer has been a bit slower than normal and why people may not visiting. The attraction is not drawing more people into the park as we all anticipated.

It’s time for Disney to dump the virtual queue

Credit: Monica

This is not a one day anomaly either. The virtual queue and ILLS are lasting much longer on a consistent basis. It’s obvious Cosmic Rewind is not as popular as expected, nor is it bringing more Guests into the park. This could be a relief for many of you planning trips in the near future!

Given all of this information, it’s really time for Disney to drop the virtual queue system for Cosmic Rewind. Give Guests the option to ride it multiple times for free just like other rides in the parks.

What has your experience been with Cosmic Rewind lately? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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  1. Couple things. People are scared because as soon as people started riding it there were lots of comments about motion sickness, and the barf bags. That scares people off. It’s also a roller coaster which keeps some away, even if “family friendly” and then people hear bath bags. Look at Velocicoaster at Islands of Adventure. Hands down the best attraction on property but it consistently has lower wait times because, once again, people are scared to ride it.

    I’d also like to know capacity per hour of Guardians versus Remy or Rise. I’d think Guardians would have the highest capacity (but don’t know). That also affects availability in virtual queues.

    I love Guardians & ride it every chance I get. It is the only attraction I have ever paid to ride. And it was worth that 2nd ride that day for $14

  2. CRT you hit the nail on the head! Disney has always been about contiguous themes, and thanks to the buffoon in charge that magic is fast disappearing. You want thrill rides? Go to a carnival!

  3. This ride is fantastic for many, but it’s not for everyone. Many members of my family cannot tolerate rides like GOTG, so I will bypass this ride in the future so that I can spend quality time with my family.

  4. The Disney Parks are about theming, and not a mish mash of random rides. If all I want to do is go on rides, I can go to an amusement park for a fraction of the price. Rides like GOTG will quickly become dated. I like it, but this is not a ride that’s going to be a classic. Once I am on the ride, I can’t even tell there is a story because of the loud music and the constant motion. Once people have done it many times, they will move on.

  5. Lots of whiny people in this thread. How does this ride fit with EPCOT? Who cares? Wanna stretch? It’s about outer space which fits in Future World. Don’t like the ride? Don’t go on it.

  6. This article is rubbish. The ride is fantastic and all the virtual queue places they have to ride are taken within minutes each day. Everyone we spoke to who rode it thought it was the best ride they have ever been on.

    • Hi! I am the author of the article, and I agree that the ride is amazing! However, the truth remains that VQ and ILLS availability is lasting much longer than we all anticipated. It reminds me of Remy. A lot of hype for those first few months, but Disney did not see a need for a VQ for very long due to lack of demand.

  7. Not popular That’s funny The que is full instantly and no stand byes Not true The whole area is flooded with people all the time I do know

  8. I’m very prone to motion sickness. I have to close my eyes for most of flight of passage. This ride was much better than I expected. I did get a little woozy but was fine 10 minutes later. The engineering is a marvel. I’d bet that it gets busy again when the food and wine festival starts.

  9. Wow I must be in the minority. My family and I loved Galaxy. Would have done it again but couldn’t get in the virtual que at 1. My daughter started trying g to access at 6:57 ans kept punching refresh. When she got in our tune was 11 and it took about 45 mins to get thru all the beginning before the ride.I loved the music at the end, I just can’t remember the song name. We were there June 11-18

  10. Guardians is by far the best coaster ever built. It’s smooth, and just glides along, making you feel as if you were flying through space. My only complaint is it is too short; I could ride it all day long!
    Another point not acknowledged in the comments here, unless I’m mistaken, you aren’t considered for the 1:00 virtual que, if you got in the early one, so of course it is open longer.

  11. Wonderful ride feels like you are surfing or skateboarding at times. I’ve used the virtual que in the morning and I’ve been able to go on it 6 times so far. It doesn’t fit in with the original Epcot vibe but outside of the world showcase nothing does anymore. The world changes and so does the park. Walt said the parks would never be finished and this part of that.

  12. Epcot didn’t have any thrill coasters. Most of the Disney coasters are beloved rides and this one will be too.

  13. Hated the ride! My wife and I heard that it was a “family coaster” and everyone who rode it thought it was great. We decided to give it a try and jumped on the Virtual Queue at 7am. Wait was very reasonable and we got on. It was the worst ride at Disney, in our opinion. Spinning and dropping so fast that I couldn’t even tell you what was happening!! Couldn’t wait to get off!! I never get Motion Sickness on anything, but we were both feeling lousy for a good 3 hours after this ride! Ruined an otherwise great day at EPCOT.

  14. This ride has no reason to be in Epcot! Yes I had issues with riding it and I wore a seasick patch behind my ear! I’ve ridden over 150 different coasters and Disney wasted a lot of money on this one. The music is horrible too! This completely ruins Walt’s idea for what Epcot was meant to be and yes the new “woke” Disney is turning Epcot in to a circus! Sad to say because I proposed to my wife in Cinderella’s castle many years ago but this is my last trip to Disney. They’ve finally ruined the experience for me. Where’s a true Disney loving Walt successor when we need them most?

  15. Just an observation.. if Disney wanted to reduce crowds just raise the park admission fee to $200 per person, stop AP sales, remove all virtual queues and LLs. Band park vlogging, some of these vloggers think/act like they are CMs and make it unenjoyable to other guests, especially on rides. But disney knows all this and wants the crowds to keep nickel and dimeing us!

  16. It seems a lot of this is because the ride is not breaking down constantly and has a decent capacity. The nice thing about the virtual queue is it does give everyone a chance to ride. It sounds like the author of this post wants Disney to drop the virtual queue so he can ride the ride over and over. Last time we visited we rode Space Mountain 3 times in a row with no wait. It was great. But if Disney removes the virtual queue guests could ride repeatedly, but the question will not be a walk on. I can’t wait to try out this coaster with my family. We all LOVE Mission Breakout at California Adventure.

  17. Hands down the best ride we’ve ever been one. I did not get motion sickness and typically do. We purchased the lightning passes 4 times to ensure we could get on it again. Lines were always long otherwise. This section of Epcot is about space and fits well. As they expand Epcot to have more rides I think it will just continue to blend with its surroundings. I love the new rides and don’t think it’s made a negative impact on the traditional Epcot aspects at all.

  18. I think there are a few things at play. I heard it’s higher capacity and higher reliability than any of the recently opened rides, so more people can ride it. But the height requirement and motion sickness decrease the number of people who may ride.

  19. Someone asked how this ride fits with EPCOT. Short answer: It doesn’t. It’s Disney catering to the carnival crowd. There is no theme to Epcot anymore. It’s slowly being destroyed.

  20. Best ride ever. I get motion sickness on slow things..like boats. Rode this 3 times today and not even a hint of Motion Sickness or Dizziness. First timers, look directly ahead at all times and just enjoy this ultra smooth coaster ride. After that (and you WILL ride again) you can watch the fils and stuff going on around you. I am 64 and call this ride PERFECTION!

  21. About 10% of the guests who go on this ride are experiencing some form of motion sickness. If you have never gotten sick on a ride, you don’t know how this ruins your entire day. My husband has inner ear problems and is very prone to motion sickness. He will not go on this ride which means i have to ride it alone. I love the virtual queues. I will not pay for ILLs or Genie+. I would prefer for all of the popular rides to have virtual queues where guests did not have to wait more than 45 minutes to one hour in line. If the lines are too long, limit the number of times a guest can experience an attraction to once per day. Everyone paid a high price to enter the park. Every guest is entitled to have a great experience in the parks. Too many people I am meeting in the parks tell me they will not be back because of the high cost and their poor experience.

  22. Two weeks in Orlando for my 74th birthiversary. Just returned, having spent park days with our APs and no Genie involvement. Loved the coaster, but found the queue mostly a boring wait. Because of wait times, we missed Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Big Thunder, Mine Ride and many others. Rode the mice in France and the Frozen boat despite long waits.

    Been going 4 to 6 times a year from Michigan for 15 years… it used to be easy to plan a week, months ahead, and think about nothing but having fun and making memories once we got to Orlando. So much so, that we once stayed in West Palm, but still visited WDW every day. Not like that any more…sadly.

  23. The ride is great. If this makes you motion sick I’m really not sure what to say. People acting like this is mission space or something. I swear online Disney parks fans are some of the whiniest people. Also I think 2 months is a little soon to be talking about how successful something like this is. I’m sure Disney has access to far more data than….checking Genie +.

  24. I love this ride and I think it’s one of the best rides at any of the parks. I would gladly pay 17 to ride it again. I love the song choices as well, I don’t see why people are upset about it. I didn’t even get motion sick, not even a little bit. The story isn’t anymore or less convoluted than any other ride. I will ride this everytime I get a chance to.

  25. loved the ride…Rode it twice..we thought it was fantastic..along with everyone else at the park that rode it..If you dont like disney dont go..i swear people arent happy unless they are complaining about something

  26. They must have changed the songs since you did the preview. Out of 100 songs they were considering, they narrowed it down to six, and 9 to 5 isn’t one of them. We rode twice and enjoyed both songs we got! We got “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and “I Ran.”

  27. We previewed as AP. Music selections are awful and such a shame because SO many great hits to choose from disney didnt even use the opening songs from both movies. Maybe song rights too costly, even for Disney. Instead ,we got Dolly Parton 9 to 5? Story line is absolutely stupid. Watching the screens while spinning makes people nauseous. My teen enjoyed the great gift shop where I dropped $900. Definitely better part of ride.
    Open Tron Disney, Instead of waiting another year for more $$$$ opportunity!!!!!

  28. I think people don’t like the ride because of motion sickness. Maybe they should have thought twice about the backward launch and constant spin or turns on the ride. My family is worried about getting sick if they ride it. No one wants to ruin their day at the park due to motion sickness.

  29. Oh boy! Another “thrill coaster”! Just what EPCOT didn’t need! Make stupid choices, win stupid prizes! Disney is becoming an overpriced carnival!

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