Home Disney News Big Changes are rumored to be coming for Annual Passholder Park Reservations

Big Changes are rumored to be coming for Annual Passholder Park Reservations

Big Changes are rumored to be coming for Annual Passholder Park Reservations

Annual Passholders and Disney Park guests may soon see a big change in the current Park Reservation system. See what this change may look like for your upcoming trip to Walt Disney World.

Current Park Reservations

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Currently, Annual Passholders have a finite number of Park Reservations that they can secure. At this time each Annual Passholder tier has a select number of Park Reservations that they can reserve at a time:

  • Disney Incredi-Pass: Up to 5 reservations at a time
  • Disney Sorcerer Pass: Up to 5 reservations at a time
  • Disney Pirate Pass: Up to 4 reservations at a time
  • Disney Pixie Dust Pass: Up to 3 reservations at a time
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Occasionally Walt Disney World will offer “Bonus Reservations” that will not count against the total number of Park Reservations that an Annual Passholder may use. Check out the newest “Bonus Reservation” that is available HERE.

Now a big change may be coming to add an extra benefit for Annual Passholders.

Rumored “Half-Day Reservations”

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Unfortunately, it appears that Park Reservations are here to stay for quite some time. The good news is that a new rumor may add a bit more flexibility to the current Park Reservation system.

According to a tweet from Disney Glimpses, Disney is rumored to offer a “Half-Day Reservation” to Annual Passholders. These “Half-Day Reservations” would be available in the morning at park opening, at noon, and then also in the evening around 5:00 pm. At this time this is not mentioned on the Walt Disney website.

From what we understand this would allow Annual Passholders to remain in the park of their choosing until closing. It is uncertain if this “Half-Day Reservation” would count against the total number of park reservations that an Annual Passholder may reserve. This would be AMAZING news for the current Park Reservation system.

It is rumored that Disney will begin to offer a “Half-Day Reservation” to Annual Passholders.

Updated to add: The afternoon Park Reservations may also be available for all guests visiting Walt Disney World. This is a bit confusing as to how this will affect Park Reservations. If this could possibly eliminate the need for the current 2:00 pm Park Hopping rule, then we would be all for it.

What do you think of “Half-Day Reservations” for Annual Passholders? Do you think that these would count against their total number of Park Reservations? Would this help you in planning your next trip to Walt Disney World? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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  1. Everything is subject to change considering the board just gave dingbat Chapek another 3 years. He’s done a great job of destroying Family oriented Disney already and they just gave him the go ahead to complete the destruction. It’s sad that when I go to the park I have to walk in the opposite direction of some weirdly dressed individual that wants to be called a binary. Wish Walt was alive!!!!

  2. Idc either way reservations dont bother me i book whatevers open and hop around anyway, sounds like their just adding something else to complicate the process, just give us a way to cancel same day reservations would be great, i make reservations the night before or day of so im not able to cancel them if i change my mind i would like to be able to cancel them and not feel forced to go scan my pass its annoying
    What they need to do is fix their closing times rather than half day reservations, either keep all the parks open til the same time or stay open later in general, after 9:00 the only thing open is mk and everyone from all the other parks seems to end up there since its the only one still open and its a complete disaster and makes the whole reservation thing completely pointless

  3. Once DW is fully staffed again (which I believe won’t be until late 2023), the parks will not sell out except on a few holidays like Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. The parks will get more crowded as time goes on. This is the nature of a theme park. People won’t need to worry about being turned away at the gate.

  4. This change would mean that instead of making people have reservations they would turn people away at the gate because the park is at capacity. I think turning people away is worse than making them reserve a day at least for most people on vacation. It may be for annual pass holders being turned away would be better but reservations help everyone else because it means you can be certain of getting in. The parks are already busy enough. I don’t want more people than they allow now and getting rid of reservations will cause either more people in the park or people getting told the park is full they can’t enter which would be devastating to many vacationers because they probably planned for that day to be at the park and that park (they may have even already attended all the others). They could remove reservations for pass holders reduce the number of reservations by a reasonable number of pass holders and turn any away they get in excess of capacity until enough people leave (you would want to track that well) that you could allow entry again.

  5. Had annual passes for 25 years. Bought plenty of meals, clothes, gifts for the kids, met up with visiting family and friends but now doing the same at Universal since Disney is favoring non residents and we can’t get passes.

  6. The whole park reservation system is ludicrous. If Disney would get it’s act together, it wouldn’t need the park reservations at all. It’s time for them to go.

  7. If everyone can make half day park reservations, that really effects guest’s ability to park hop. If hopping stays as is, and people have been making half-day reservations since ticket purchase, on the day of, there will be a far greater chance that the second park will be at capacity and therefore not eligible to be hopped to. It makes the more expensive park hopper ticket option add-on very risky, and worse case, literally worth nothing.

What do you think?

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