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A snake bites a child at Disney World

A snake bites a child at Disney World
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Talk about not magical. This is a giant NO THANK YOU.

Wildlife at Disney World

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It goes without saying you are going to see wildlife at Disney World. You may see alligators, snakes, and other creatures during your vacation. They are part of the theme parks and attractions – most notably seen at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. However, they are lurking around other places like resorts and the Seven Seas Lagoon.

Anytime you are near a body of water, you will most likely see signs alerting you that there is wildlife in the area. I (Monica) have seen many different creatures during my Disney World adventures.

Thankfully I have never had an up close and personal encounter, but the same could not be said for one Disney World Guest.

Snake Bite

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In a reddit thread, one Guest shares an encounter with a snake recently. User Nerrisa91 shared that their 12-year old daughter was bitten by a snake at Disney’s Animal Kingdom a couple weeks ago.

According to the story, a black racer snake was slithering (ack) along a pathway in Dinoland, and the girl unfortunately did not see it before accidentally stepping on it. The snake then bit her. Cast Members called paramedics and she was treated. Fortunately, it was a non-venomous snake and the Guest is okay.

Credit: Disney

Another reply in that same thread reveals that there was also snake(s) in Typhoon Lagoon last week. Cast Members instructed Guests to exit the lazy river so they could retrieve the creatures. I cannot believe there was multiple snakes.

I don’t know about you, but these stories give me the ick.

A word of caution

Credit: Jamie F

We share stories like this not to scare you or freak you out. Rather, they are good reminders to be aware of your surroundings! You never know what creepy crawly creature is going to appear, so keep an eye on your travel party and places like bushes, rocks, water, and other places where they can be lurking.

Do you have a wild creature encounter at Disney World? We would like to hear it! Please share your stories with us in the comments below and on Facebook.


  1. While staying at the Dixie Landings Hotel in the 1990s a large black racer snake slithered across the path between me and a cast member. Knowing it was harmless, we waited till it was gone and continued on our way.

  2. We saw a LOT of rats around the eating areas of the BBQ place at AK just before it closed one night. Also saw wolves/coyotes in the parking lot near the edge by the trer line when we left one night. Crazy!

  3. Missaugga rattlesnakes are as far south in Michigan as Pontiac. The Northern Michigan water snake has marking similar to a rattler but is none poisionous, but IS foul tempered. I have seen both at least 4′ + feet. I hate snakes.

  4. Most snakes can easily reach 5 feet, including rat and king snakes native to the northern US, even garter snakes. But most individual snakes you will see in the wild are not fully grown.

  5. Back in 2003 we were staying at Coronado Springs. It was early morning and I was relaxing on the edge of the lake. The sidewalk ran along the water but is walled off. I peaked over the wall and saw a shadow in the water. Then I realized it was an alligator! Small one, only about three feet but I was pretty excited!

  6. My first trip to Disney was in 1978. We were staying in Fort Wilderness. My sister and I were walking down the road to meet our parents at the bus stop and a snake was slithering across the road. We screamed and ran one way/the snake went the other. Thank goodness, we hadn’t stepped on it. Every trip after had me looking out for snakes!

  7. Black snakes in Florida are good snakes. You don’t kill them and they will not kill you unless you’re a mouse, rat or even a rattle snake.

  8. I was walking on sidewalk into the Concierge Building at Fort Wilderness. Saw a black snake about 3 feet long in a bush along the sidewalk. Told the Cast member inside, thinking they would have somebody relocate him. They said he was Jake The Snake. Said not to run, he’ll chase you.

  9. I once had an up close encounter with an armadillo in Animal Kingdom , sitting on a bench admiring Dino Sue in Dinosaur land I heard some rustling under the bench and got quite a surprise when I investigated the noise! Think that poor beast was as surprised to see me as I was of it!

  10. My 7 yr old son was surprised by a large black snake (I believe it was a rat snake?) In Japan. We were talking to a cast member when we heard our son scream and ran to him. The cast member said it’s just a harmless garden snake to catch the rodents and bugs. In Michigan our snakes are NOT 5 feet long, lol.

  11. I had an armadillo cross my walking path at Wilderness Lodge one night back in the early 2000’s. Also saw a few alligators down by the docks at Beach Club – kids were tossing “uncrustables” to them :(.

  12. I am scared to death of snacks! I would be the women screaming if one showed up near me. I even look in the boats when I get in. If one would bite me you would need the paramedics as I would probably have heart failure. I have heard of many of these sightings but have been very luck so far!

  13. 2019 I saw a bug on my wife’s shoulder. Did not have my glasses on. I grabbed it and turns out it was a black scorpion about the size of a nickel say the the least it hurt like hell and put me into the hospital for rhe day

  14. I saw a black racer a few years ago walking around Wilderness lodge early in the morning. It went into my oath I screamed just because I didn’t expect it and the. It went right back in the bushes .

  15. This past Tuesday we were leaving Epcot at the exit where the buses are. We heard a scream, and there was a small black snake crossing in front of a lady. The snake, and lady, were all okay.

  16. And that’s why you should be able to bring guns in. Then you can shoot them. Problem solved. Did they pay to get in by the way ?

  17. I saw a squirrel rummaging for snacks out of a parked stroller… they probably know which rides have the longest wait times

  18. We saw a snake at POFQ along the pathways to enter your hotel room a few years back. It actually slithered up the hotel door a bit. Some other guests got it to go back into the landscaping.

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