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Disney Did Not Win America’s Top Theme Park this Year

Disney Did Not Win America's Top Theme Park this Year
Credit: Dollywood

The people have spoken. This year, America’s Top Amusement Park is not one of Disney’s properties. See what park claimed the prize.

Trip Advisor Traveler’s Choice Awards

Credit: Trip Advisor

Each year, Trip Advisor, a trusted and hotly utilized travel review site, compiles the winners of the Traveler’s Choice Awards. These awards are meant to recognize the best in tourism and hospitality according to those who matter the most of all: the actual guests.

That’s right, the rankings are entirely based upon the rankings and reviews of guests who visit and make their voices heard within a given time period. This year’s awards were tabulated from May 1, 2021, to April 30, 2022.

The 2022 Awards are here. Disney Parks travelers may (or may not) be surprised to find that a Disney park is not at the top of the list for the title of America’s Best Amusement Park.

And the Winner is…

Credit: Dollywood

This year’s Trip Advisor Traveler’s Choice Award for America’s Top Amusement Park goes to none other than Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Dolly Parton stated, “I am so proud of the work my people do to make Dollywood such a great place for families. When I started dreaming up Dollywood all those years ago, I hoped it would be somewhere folks were excited to come visit and enjoy time together.

To hear that they are leaving so many positive comments about their time here really shows what we’re doing is working. In the current world, I want Dollywood to be a place where the light shines every day.”

So Where did Disney Parks Rank?

Credit: KtP

It looks like only one Disney Park cracked the top 10 for this year’s awards. The top 10 are as follows:

  1. Dollywood (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee)
  2. Universal’s Islands of Adventure (Orlando, Florida)
  3. Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park (Orlando, Florida)
  4. Universal Studios Hollywood (Los Angeles, California)
  5. Universal Studios Florida (Orlando, Florida)
  6. Silver Dollar City (Branson, Missouri)
  7. Funland (Rehoboth Beach, Delaware)
  8. Fun Spot America (Kissimmee, Florida)
  9. Santa’s Village (Jefferson, New Hampshire)
  10. Busch Gardens (Tampa, Florida)
Credit: Disney

The next Disney Park mentioned is Disneyland in California, coming in at number 11. Disney’s Hollywood Studios finished at number 12.

Tell me, Disney goers, do the rankings surprise you? Or, does Disney’s placement behind both Dollywood and Universal check out? Would you rank a Disney Park as Number 1? Please, let us know your thoughts on the Kenny the Pirate Facebook page. Don’t forget to join the KtP crew page, too!


  1. We have been to Disney over 8 times last time we were there 2021, was the worst time ever. The magic is gone, prices have gone through the roof,all extras are gone. It seems like all their concerned with is profits!!!!

  2. I liked the older fast pass system where everyone goes to the ride it’s self and put your park pass in and get a come back time I think that it was fear for everyone hotel guests are not because everyone had a chance of getting one.

  3. Had a 7 day trip planned and paid for to Disney World (where I have stayed countless times) before COVID shut down. When Disney World re-opened, they had changed and deleted so many things, I canceled and went to Universal Orlando, (where I have also stayed several times) never regretted a thing. Also, got to keep my tickets to Cirque de Solia, and Universal provided me transportation to Disney Springs to see it.

  4. I’m not surprised at all, either. I grew up a Disney kid, did the College Program and eventually became a full time Cast Member at WDW and it is not the same company that I began working for. It’s very sad. I won’t be back until some major changes are made. It’s the politics and “wokeness” for me. I can’t support it. It was on a downward slope before that with price and quality changes occurring. I did, however, visit Dollywood for the first time in 2019 and it is now my “home away from home.” Our family fell in love with Dollywood the first day of our visit and we now have season passes there instead of WDW. We go multiple times a year now. It is such a beautiful park, I would even call it magical, wholesome, amazing food, a great kids area, world class roller coasters, and customer service that has now surpassed Disney. It is now our vacation destination for the foreseeable future and I’m happy about it. I do truly hope that the Disney corporation changes. They need to stay out of politics and bring back the quality and magic.

  5. There is NO WAY that Fun Spot legitimately made that list. It looks like Fun Spot instructed their employees to vote for themselves again (not the first time). They are such a ghetto park — and total fraudsters when it comes to their marketing. Seriously, Fun Spot made the Top 10 but no Cedar Point, Magic Mountain, Knott’s, Lake Winnie, Disneyland, Lake Compounce, Epcot? Sure, yeah… That wasn’t a cooked poll by Fun Spot.

  6. Agreed. With Bob Chapek at the helm, the wheels are coming off the cart. Unfortunately, he’s been eliminating any credible rivals who could take his place, such as firing Peter Rice. Like a Third-World dictator, he is eliminating threats to his position, which means he is surrounding himself with ineffectual, incompetent yes-men and -women. The board will have some tough decisions to make soon.

  7. I agree. The genie plus system is such a downgrade from the fast pass system. I miss the way the parks were before the pandemic. It feels like Disney Used the pandemic to make negative changes like Genie plus and the continuing park reservations, which don’t seem to be limiting attendance of all groups based on attendance levels. Perhaps they are being used to keep a limit on AP holders?? The cash grabs are cynical and leave a bad feeling in customers. Not the same as it was in 2014- 2019. Not very magical anymore and the rating reflects how many people feel.

  8. Not surprised at all. Disney is all about the money and playing politics now and will continue to decline without some major leadership changes. Will not be back anytime soon. If people take their money elsewhere maybe Disney will wake up.

  9. It could not have happened to a nicer park. If Disney Corp. keeps it up – Magic Kingdom won’t make the list either. I am sure the only reason Magic Kingdom made the list is because of Walt’s memories and his talent.

    • Thanks for reading, Joyce! My mother always used to say “could not have happened to a nicer person” so your comment reminded me fondly of her. I will say after taking the Keys to the Kingdom Tour in April that there are definitely plenty of Walt touches all around MK hidden in plain sight! I love spotting them even when I am feeling yucky about one of Disney’s recent changes.

  10. I agree 1000%! Our trips back in 2014, 2015 were magical. Our last few years of trips have been disappointing. I kept wanting to give Disney another chance because of all of our happy memories, but I’m finally realizing that it may take quite a while (and new leadership) to get back to the magic that once was. Still holding out hope!

    • Thanks for reading, Zoey! Sorry to hear that your recent trips have not lived up to your earlier visits. I hope the magic comes back for you and your family soon!

  11. Not surprised. Disney fan all my life, but am thoroughly disgusted with Chapek’s “leadership” and the fact that the board of directors seem to be in total denial over Disney’s current problems. Went to Dollywood for the first time ever in May this year. It’s a beautiful theme park. Will definitely go back.

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