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Incredibly rare characters are now meeting at Disney World!

Incredibly rare characters are now meeting at Disney World!
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What a fun surprise!

Character interactions at Disney World

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Part of what makes a Disney vacation so magical is interacting with your favorite characters. Princesses, The Fab 5, Pixar characters, and more come to life in the theme parks and resorts. It was a long (almost) 2 years without hugs and autographs, but it feels like life is breathed back into Disney World now that they have returned.

Be sure to use Character Locator to help you plan your touring strategy with characters. Now that hugs are back lines to meet them can get quite long. Most lines reach 15-20 families and do get cut off so having a plan is important.

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Not every meet can be “planned”, however, and simply pop up as part of those magical pixie dust moments. That’s exactly what happened just a little bit ago at one Disney Resort.

Incredibly rare characters

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As part of the 50th anniversary celebration, various characters visit the resorts in their EARidescent best. You never know when they will pop up, but if you see the caravan you know they are nearby!

However, today Guests at Art of Animation were treated to a variety of rare characters!

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Today, June 15, at approximately 2:30 pm the following characters met with Guests in the lobby of the resort:

  • Pluto
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Donald Duck
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  • Mr. Smee
  • Baloo
  • Max
  • Foulfellow
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While characters like Pluto, Mickey, and Donald are pretty common, the last few are pretty rare! Max occasionally met with Goofy from a distance at Hollywood Studios. Mr. Smee and Foulfellow are typically out for villains events like Halloween parties, races, and DVC Moonlight Magic.

How to meet them

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There is no set schedule or advertisement for these incredibly rare character meets. They are simply meant to be pixie dust moments, but hopefully you can encounter one on a future trip! I (Monica) remember what a treat it was for my kids to see Mickey and Goofy on our way back from the pool at Port Orleans Riverside late last year.

You never know who will pop up and where! Keep your eyes peeled!

Have you ever happened upon a pop up meet? Share your experiences with us in the comments below and on Facebook.

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