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New Refurbishment Scheduled for Disney’s Animal Kingdom

New Refurbishment Scheduled for Disney's Animal Kingdom
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A new refurbishment is announced for Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Check out how long this attraction will be closed for guests.


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Nobody really likes to hear that their favorite attraction will be under refurbishment during their trip. Attractions, buildings, and even sidewalks need to be maintained, and refurbishments help the parks run smoothly. Almost every trip you take, you are bound to run into some type of refurbishment.

As the Disney Parks remain open year-round, refurbishments are a part of life at Disney theme parks around the world. It’s not uncommon for at least one attraction or location to be closed at any given time. Currently, work is taking place right along Main Street USA.

New Refurbishment Announced

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Some refurbishments are quick and others are quite lengthy. At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Expedition Everest recently underwent a lengthy refurbishment. The refurbishment was announced back in September and it was scheduled to take place from January 4, 2022, to mid-April!

Now Disney’s Animal Kingdom is preparing for yet another refurbishment. Thankfully, this will be a short refurbishment. TriceraTop Spin is located in DinoLand and is very similar to the beloved Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction at the Magic Kingdom.

This attraction will begin a short refurbishment on June 13 and is rescheduled to reopen for guests on June 18th.

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Back in October, we shared the demise of a large DinoLand attraction. We have wondered if Dinoland U.S.A is at risk of going extinct. At this time, only a small refurbishment is scheduled for this section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It appears that we may be hanging out with our prehistoric friends for just a bit longer.

Triceratop Spin will begin a short refurbishment on June 13 and is rescheduled to reopen for guests on June 18th.

What do you think of DinoLand USA? Do you think this area should be rethemed? Will this short refurbishment affect your travel plans? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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  1. I think they use the space with the dinosaurs from Universe of Energy and theme it to the history of dinosaurs from beginning to the end of their era. Tie it into the boneyard and explain fossil, fossil fuel and the meteor and the beginning of the ice age. A boat ride for the family.
    Universe was one of my favorite rides. The dinosaurs need to move more. Make more.family oriented than Dinosaur and those of use who make have back problems. ;)

  2. Re theme Dinoland after the “Ice Age” movies. Get rid of carnival games add FREE interactive entertainment for kids.

  3. The entire Dinoland needs to be rethemed with new attractions, rides and shows more worthy of the Disney brand. It’s present form is beneath their reputation.

  4. Bob, small refurbishments have always happened and are a sign that Disney IS maintaining their attractions. They would rather take a ride down for 3 days to perform maintenance that have anyone ride it unsafely. There is no indication that they are not doing what they should, rides causing safety concerns, or accidents occurring.

  5. Clearly, Disney is not properly maintaing their parks and this is putting the safery of park guests at risk. The State of Florida needs to establish a task force to monitor park maintenance before a park guest gets killed.

  6. Dino land is atrocious. Going to Disney to basically end up in a church carnival parking lot. They can keep some of the Dino rides or retheme to something that feels like an archeological dig site, etc

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