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Breaking: Expedition Everest will Undergo a Long Refurbishment

Breaking: Expedition Everest will Undergo a Long Refurbishment
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Yeti or not, Expedition Everest will undergo a long refurbishment. Are you prepared for this extended closure?

Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

disney patent possible yeti fix
Credit: Maggie

The most thrilling coaster in Disney World is Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain. It is my (Monica) family’s favorite coaster, and we affectionately call it “Yeti.”

Board your train in search of the mysterious Yeti who has been known to terrorize the locals. The journey starts off smoothly, but then we find the tracks are destroyed and we must travel backward. We see a projection of the Yeti and are sent forward (photo op) and circle back up into the mountain. You will get a VERY brief view of the largest Disney animatronic ever built.

See why it’s such a beloved attraction at Animal Kingdom? I love the queue line with all the artifacts and information regarding the real search for Yeti. It’s the only ride at Disney that actually makes me scream and not just yell “woo” for fun!


Credit: Disney

Expedition Everest will undergo refurbishment from January 4, 2022 until mid-April 2022. That’s 3.5 months!

During that time, you may see the attraction running. Don’t be surprised thinking that the ride is actually open. It is just testing!

The refurbishment will likely not include fixing the infamously broken Yeti animatronic. Since that is a structural issue and would require Imagineers to essentially rebuild the mountain, that is too big of a project to squeeze into four months.

Photo: D23.com

Expedition Everest will be closed from January 4 to mid-April 2022.

You can read more about the broken Yeti HERE.


disney patent possible yeti fix
Credit: Maggie

Quite frankly I’m a bit surprised any refurbishments will be taking place during the 50th anniversary. This 18-month celebration is sure to draw in the crowds, and I’m sure many will be disappointed with this closure.

Animal Kingdom is one of the easiest and quickest parks to tour because of the lack of attractions. Now, wait times at other rides like Flight of Passage and the Kilimanjaro Safari will be longer. Be sure to use Character Locator to help you plan your vacation!

Are you visiting Animal Kingdom during this refurbishment? Are you bummed about the closure or do you usually skip the ride anyway? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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  1. Why would WDW not refurbish during off seasons or slow months? Doesn’t make sense! We are planning on going during next year’s spring break. Maybe not!

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