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How to Mobile Order Disney’s Amazing ‘Ohana Bread Pudding

How to Mobile Order Disney's Amazing 'Ohana Bread Pudding
Credit: Susan


Did you know you can mobile order one of Disney World’s best desserts? The results are delicious!

‘Ohana Bread Pudding

Credit: Susan

If you have not had a chance to taste ‘Ohana’s bread pudding, you could be missing out on one of Walt Disney World’s most delectable dessert options. While I imagine it is not everyone’s cup of tea, it has a huge following in terms of fans who consider it a must-have. In fact, it made my (Katie’s) top 10 non-chocolate Disney sweets list.

So what is this delicious concoction of goodness exactly? ‘Ohana Bread Pudding is a dessert served exclusively at dining locations in the Great Ceremonial House, the central amenity area for Walt Disney World’s Polynesian Village Resort.

Credit: Maggie

Bread pudding is made traditionally by soaking actual bread in some mixture of cream, milk, sugar, perhaps even butter, and other flavorful ingredients. ‘Ohana’s happens to have pineapple and coconut in its flavor profile. If you want to make your own, click here.

The dish is served warm and is topped with vanilla ice cream and an unforgettable dreamy caramel sauce. It is every bit as decadent as it sounds.

Where can You Find ‘Ohana Bread Pudding?

Credit: Monica

If you have not had a chance to try this Disney delicacy, or if you are craving it and you want to find out how to get it without an ‘Ohana reservation, then you are in the right place! Hopefully this post will help you get all the pineapple, and caramel goodness.

In the past, Guests of Walt Disney World Resort could only find ‘Ohana Bread pudding at ‘Ohana, a hotly popular restaurant at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. This should make plenty of sense since the restaurant’s name is part of the dessert’s name.

Unfortunately, ‘Ohana can be a tough reservation to snag. Additionally, since the restaurant is an all-you-care-to-enjoy dining experience, it can be quite a heavy meal. It is also relatively pricey.

Credit: Monica

The dessert also accompanied the Polynesian’s famous room service option, the Twilight Feast. This was a full ‘Ohahna meal delivered to rooms. However, it has not been available in recent years.

There was a time when many guests bemoaned the idea that the bread pudding could only be found at the conclusion of the large, difficult to obtain, pricey meal. However, as I mentioned, this changed some time ago.

Alternative Locations

As was the case with many Disney restaurants and experiences, after the parks reopened from their pandemic shutdown, ‘Ohana remained temporarily closed. One unintended positive consequence of this closure was that the restaurant’s famous dessert, ‘Ohana Bread Pudding, began popping up at other eateries around Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

For example, it became an off-menu offering for guests dining in Kona Cafe. You can read the full story right here.

Some guests have even been able to find it at Tambu Lounge. I have not ordered it there myself and cannot confirm it is an option, but it never hurts to ask.

Guests welcomed these alternatives even after ‘Ohana’s reopening. Even better, when ‘Ohana bread pudding returned to the ‘Ohana dinner menu with the restaurant’s reopening, it did not vanish from other dining locations.

How Take it To Go with Mobile Ordering

Credit: Monica

You may or may not have realized that ‘Ohana bread pudding is available as an off-menu item for those dining at Kona Cafe. It has been possible to order it that way for a while, as mentioned.

However, many guests have yet to realize that the iconic dessert is also available through Kona Cafe’s mobile ordering option. Some guests had no idea that it was an option. After all, ‘Ohana Bread Pudding is not listed as a choice on the Walt Disney World Menu published online, nor is it listed on the mobile ordering menu posted outside of Kona Cafe itself.

Happily, if you open the My Disney Experience app, and select Mobile Ordering, you will find that the renowned dessert is available most of the time for guests to order, pick up, and eat anywhere they’d like to enjoy it. You can confirm availability in the mobile ordering feature on the day you plan to order.

Credit: KtP

Every now and then supply line issues or other problems leave a restaurant without some ingredient or other. Guests might want to ask about availability before they set their hearts on a particular item.

For example, the last time I went to Kona Cafe in April, they were on a limited menu with only a few entrees as a result of a power outage. However, they DID have the Bread Pudding.

Mobile Ordering Process

Credit: Kate

Mobile ordering is simple from the My Disney Experience App. You will find the Bread Pudding by selecting Kona Cafe to Go. Next, go to desserts; you will find it listed there.

When you head to Kona Cafe, you can click “I am here” and head to the mobile ordering pick-up area a few yards from Kona’s entrance. Be sure not to have your order prepared unless you are close by because the ice cream will melt.

It will be waiting for you in a nice paper sack, ready to take wherever you like. I personally took my order to the seating area near the Monorail so I could watch the different vehicles come and go.

The Unboxing

Credit: Kate

There is some assembly required to enjoy this dessert. It comes packaged in a cardboard to-go container.

The ice cream is in a separate bowl to help prevent melting. Inside, the bread pudding and sauce are in what looks like a little too bento box.

Credit: Kate

The sauce had its own little cup to pour from. Obviously, I used the whole thing because the sauce is just amazing.

I was able to take it to the upper seating area and watch the monorails come and go while I indulged. Of course, multiple people stopped by to say “how did you get that,” which in turn prompted me to write this and spread the word that ‘Ohana Bread Pudding is available to us all, not just to those with ‘Ohana dining reservations.

How Does it Compare to what’s at ‘Ohana

Credit: Kate

The ‘Ohana Bread Pudding obtainable through My Disney Experience is every bit as delicious as the version of this dessert served as part of ‘Ohana’s meals. Not only is it delicious, but the serving itself is huge! There is easily enough dessert here for 2 people to split. More people could possibly split it if that is your preference.

I am an absolute dessert lover. If I like it, and there is no one to share it with, I tend to want to eat the whole thing. Even with this habit of mind, I could not finish the portion of ‘Ohana Bread pudding that lay before me. It was just too much for one person, even a dessert glutton like myself.

Final Thoughts

If you find yourself craving this delicious dish, mobile ordering it might be just the right plan! I imagine it would be magical to grab it to go just before the fireworks. Then you can head out to enjoy the view of the fireworks from the beach. It will be like having your own mobile-ordered dessert party.

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