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New Changes to these Popular Performers Bring Disney World Another Step Closer to “Normal”

New Changes to these Popular Performers Bring Disney World Another Step Closer to
Credit: Disney

Are you ready for Disney World to return to pre-pandemic activities? Check out the great news that brings us closer to getting there.

Re-opening Changes

Credit: Disney Cast and Community official Facebook Page

When Disney re-opened in July 2020, there were so many changes with it. I (Susan) was left wondering if Disney World would still be a magical place? Or, would it just be depressing to visit?

Everything changed, including temperature screenings, masks, parades, park passes, fireworks, and characters. Even something like dining plans which felt like it had nothing to do with a pandemic were removed.

Credit: Jamie F

“The Magic is calling” at Walt Disney World! Each week it appears that more and more signs point to the return of “normal” in the Disney Parks.

Recently, a HUGE milestone was met on our pathway to “normal.” Disney announced that non-distanced character meet and greets were returning.  Now, there’s another type of social distancing being removed!

Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage

Credit: Disney

Relive the romance and magic of a tale as old as time in a lavish Broadway-style musical version of Beauty and the Beast. The heartwarming tale of Belle and the Beast comes to life in this wonderful stage performance. With colorful costumes, scenery and the songs we love, this is a not-to-be missed show.

Note that it’s performed in an outdoor location and will be cancelled for inclement weather.

Credit: KtP

When Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage show returned in 2021, Disney brought it back with social-distancing for the performers. While guests still thrilled in seeing the beautiful classic story, there wasn’t any hand-holding or other type of personal touches.

However, now that’s changed!!

Photo courtesy of Disney (Gene Duncan, photographer)

We’re thrilled to share that virtually all of the performance interactions are back. So, next time you watch this classic musical, you’ll be thrilled by elegant ballroom dancing, holding hands, and more! Although this performance is virtually back to pre-pandemic guidelines, Belle and Prince Adam do not kiss at the end like before.

Hand holding and ballroom dancing are back in the Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage Show.

Are you excited about social distancing being removed from this live show? Do you catch Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage every visit or skip it? Please let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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