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Special Celebration to take place at Disney World

Special Celebration to take place at Disney World
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Disney is celebrating a special event in April! See all the details here. Will you be visiting during this celebration?

Earth Day Celebration

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Disney is celebrating Earth Day with a weeklong celebration! Conservation efforts are of great importance at Disney Parks, especially Animal Kingdom. From protecting and preserving wildlife to encouraging Guests to recycle, there are so many ways to respect our planet.

For one week only, take in everything Animal Kingdom has to offer. From Disney Parks Blog:

Animation Experience and Wilderness Badge

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom delivers an Earth Day Celebration like no other. Share in the spirit of wildlife conservation and learn more about animal species the Disney Conservation Fund is working to protect.

At Conservation Station, try your hand at drawing as Disney artists at The Animation Experience guide you step by step to bring your favorite Disney characters to life using real animals for inspiration. Each animal represents some of the amazing stories of conservation work Disney is doing around the world. 

You can also check out a limited-time Wilderness Explorer activity that rewards you with an Earth Day Nature badge. 

Characters and Photo Ops

Walt Disney World, Animal Kingdom Characters, Conservation Station, Jiminy Cricket
Pirate and Cricket in 2010

You’ll also want to make tracks to Discovery Island where you can spot a special Disney Character Cruise on Discovery River. And throughout the park you can find Disney PhotoPass magic that frames you with Wall-E and Eve from Disney and Pixar’s animated feature “Wall-E.”

Pirate note: will Jiminy Cricket be on the cruise? He is usually an Earth Day staple.

Credit: Disney

Of course, as you stroll through the park, take time to marvel at its heart and soul – the majestic animals in our care.

Merchandise and Food

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And, lastly, don’t forget to pick up a limited-edition Earth Day 2022 trading pin to commemorate the celebration! You’ll also find specialty merchandise and custom food and beverages at the park during this exciting week.

Credit: Disney

Disney is celebrating its 24th anniversary this year on Earth Day – take in the festivities for an entire week: April 18-24, 2022.

Will you be visiting Animal Kingdom during Earth Week? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

Source: Disney Parks Blog

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