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New Shows Coming to Disney+: What Parents Need to Know

New Shows Coming to Disney+: What Parents Need to Know

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Disney+ is about to add a ton of new shows. This new content also brings some concerns for the younger audience. Check out what parents need to know.

New Shows Coming to Disney+

Credit: KtP

Previously Netflix offered streaming for several Marvel shows. On March 16th, Disney+ will offer the following shows: “Daredevil”, “Jessica Jones”,”Luke Cage”, “Iron Fist”, “The Defenders”, “Agents of the S.H.I.E.L.D”, and “The Punisher.”

These new shows added will be a welcome addition to many Disney+ subscribers but may not be appropriate for the younger viewers. Parents need to be aware that on March 16th a welcome change will be coming to your Disney+.

Previous Content Warnings

Credit: Jamie F

Shortly after Disney+ launched at the end of 2019, we noticed some classic animated films carried content warnings. Certain films like Peter Pan, Dumbo, and Lady and the Tramp had warnings that outdated cultural references and tobacco use are depicted in the film. You can read our original post HERE.

Last January, Disney+ removed certain films with content warnings from child profiles. Accounts that are not considered child profiles can still access the films with content warnings on them. You can check out a list of films included in this HERE.

New Parental Controls

Credit: Donna

On March 16th, Disney+ subscribers will be greeted with a pop-up screen to update their parental controls for all users. This also allows the restriction of content based upon the rating of the show or movie.

On March 16th, subscribers will be required to update the parental controls for all users.

It is also interesting that there is an option for “Kid-proof exit”. By selecting this option, it will be more difficult for younger viewers to exit out of their profile and click on another profile. A simple exit question would be given to allow access.

As a mom (Donna), I see this as a welcome addition with the more mature content coming to Disney+. My family absolutely loves Disney+, but this new parental control gives me an added peace of mind knowing that certain content will be restricted until they are older.

What do you think of this new content coming to Disney+? Do you think that this parental control is too much or not enough? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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