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Kermit the Frog Reveals his Favorite Ride in Disney World

Kermit the Frog Reveals his Favorite Ride in Disney World
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Have you ever wondered what Kermit the Frog’s very favorite Disney ride is? We have his number one pick right here!

Muppets in Disney World

Credit: KtP writer Susan

If you are a Muppet fan, you probably appreciate any Muppet presence within the Walt Disney World theme parks. You probably also agree that there is not enough!

The Muppets do have their own attraction over in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Guests can go there to catch Muppet Vision 3D, a show that combines film and live action antics to entertain fans of all ages.

The Muppets used to appear in Magic Kingdom in Great Moments in History. Unfortunately, that show stopped running and has yet to return. You can also catch Sam Eagle over at Regal Eagle Smoke House in Epcot. He serves as the Mascot there!

Rainbow Connection!

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Additionally, during the 2022 Festival of the Arts, Epcot introduced a new light show on iconic Spaceship Earth. For now, guests can catch the Rainbow Connection Light Show nightly.

It is really one of the most glorious shows Disney has ever done. You can check out a sweet tribute to the show and a full KtP video right here. I (Katie) wish it could be a forever feature.

Kermit’s Favorite Ride!

Credit: Jamie

I suspect that Epcot might just be Kermit’s favorite park. Even though his main attraction is in Hollywood Studios, it makes sense to me that he would enjoy a visit to Epcot. In fact, I spotted him biking there at last year’s Flower and Garden Festival.

And, Kermit recently took to his official Twitter account and announced his very favorite Walt Disney World attraction. As it turns out, it lies in Epcot! His favorite is none other than Living with the Land!

Credit: @Kermitthefrog

Kermit states that he likes it because although it is not easy being green, the attraction makes it look easy! I have to commend him for his appreciation of sustainability.

It is also a calm ride, which seems like it adds to the appeal for him. Kermit doesn’t seem to have as much of a wild side as some of his Muppet pals.

Credit: KtP

Does Kermit’s favorite attraction surprise you? Do you love Living with the Land, too? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on theĀ KtP Crew Facebook group.

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