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Multiple Ride Malfunctions Across Disney World Right Now

Multiple Ride Malfunctions Across Disney World Right Now
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It has been a rocky morning in Walt Disney World. Many attractions have been down across parks.

A Rocky Start

Credit: Susan

Walt Disney World has been off to a bit of a rocky start for guests this morning, January 30, 2022. Many of the attractions across the parks have been down.

Perhaps the cold DOES bother Disney attractions. It has been an unusually cold weekend in Florida so far, with temperatures dipping. It may also just be a coincidence. Regardless, both Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios have been giving guests some frustrations.

Magic Kingdom

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A fellow KtP writer let the team know that multiple ride closures were affecting Magic Kingdom this morning. All are listed as temporary closures; however, it is unfortunate for guests who had great touring plans laid out.

The wildest ride in the wilderness has been temporarily tamed. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad went down. With Splash Mountain closed for it’s scheduled refurbishment and the Railway closed, this leaves few options in the frontier.

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But, nearby attraction Haunted Mansion has also experienced closures this morning, leaving a tour of the ghostly mansion and a visit with the happy haunts off the table as well. It has been up and down, but mostly down. The Riverboat is also reportedly unavailable.

In Fantasyland, 3 popular attractions have experienced downtime. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh had a short term closure. Seven Dwarves Mine Train and Peter Pan had longer bouts of woe.

Hollywood Studios

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios had troubles of its own. According to guests on social media, both trackless rides: Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance reportedly experienced downtime during early entry.

Slinky Dog Dash had some delays with opening as well. Star Tours also experience temporary closure. However, it looks as if these issues have since been resolved.

Animal Kingdom

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Additionally, Animal Kingdom has some issues to start the day. Apparently bugs are bugged by the cold as It’s Tough to Be a Bug experienced temporary closure.

With Expedition Everest closed for refurbishment, this left few attractions to distribute guests among.


Credit: Maggie

Epcot’s delay was isolated (so far) to just one experience. Journey into the Imagination with Figment had a temporary closure.

It was a short lived delay, and based on the low wait times, it does not seem that the attraction’s closing affected a large number of guests.

Well Wishes for Guests

Credit: Donna

While of course, many people are of the mind that a day in Disney is a better than no Disney at all, it is understandable for guests to feel frustrations at delayed start times and temporary closures. This is especially true for guests who are on a once in a lifetime trip or who go for infrequent visits.

Of course, closures happen all the time. It is not unusual to see a ride go down for part of a day. This widespread event is much less common, thankfully.

Credit: Susan

If you are in Walt Disney World, stay warm out there! We are hoping all experiences are available to you soon!

Did you or someone you know experience ride closures on your visit today? Share your experience with us in the comments below and onĀ Facebook.

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