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New Update on the Disney Transportation Mask Mandate

New Update on the Disney Transportation Mask Mandate
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Are you planning a trip to Walt Disney World? See how much longer masks will be required aboard Disney transportation while you enjoy your visit to “The Most Magical Place on Earth.”

Mask Mandate

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When Walt Disney World first reopened in July 2020, face masks were required for all Guests at all locations. This mandate remained in place for several months.

Back in April, we finally saw this policy relax with Disney allowing Guests to remove their masks while taking an outdoor photo. Along with changes to the Guest face mask policy in June, coverings also became optional for vaccinated Cast Members in all indoor and outdoor locations. It was a welcome respite from the summer heat.

We are still waiting to see if Disney makes any mask changes after the state of emergency ended for Orange County. At this time, the face mask mandate is still in place for all indoor locations at Walt Disney World.

Disney Transportation

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Even when the face mask mandate was dropped at both outdoor and indoor locations at Walt Disney World, Guests were still required to wear face masks aboard all Disney transportation.

This was due to the a federal mandate that required face coverings to be worn in airports and transportation and was set to expire in September of 2021. We shared back in August that this federal mandate had been extended to January 18, 2022 in an effort to address the virus.

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Now this federal mandate will be extended once again by President Biden. This federal mandate is now extended through March 2022.

This federal mandate is now extended through March 2022. Guests are required to wear face masks on Disney transportation during this time.

What do you think about the extension of this federal mandate? Will this affect your travel plans to Walt Disney World and while traveling throughout Walt Disney World? When do you think Walt Disney World may relax their face mask mandate? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.


  1. Enough! This is not China, and we have the freedom to make a decision about our own body. The CDC has now stated what we all new. The spread is from the aerosol nature of this virus. The N 95 or KN 95 masks are the only masks to protect from it. The vaxes are working, the virus is weakening with each mutation. Let us move on from this, PLEASE!

  2. Please drop the mandate! If you want to wear a mask by all means wear one. Please let me and my family be free to make our own decisions. We are paying a lot to go. We can all choose what is best for ourselves. The CDC even said they are pointless against the latest varient.

  3. The wearing of masks is getting ridiculous. We do not require this for any other airborne virus. I understand and respect those people who want to wear and feel safer while wearing one. On the other hand, those who choose to not wear one that is their right. We are all aware of the risks that are come with being vaccinated or not being vaccinated, as well as wearing or not wearing a mask. It should be the decision of an individual and their doctor as to what is best for him/her, NOT the Government’s decision.
    We are learning that this virus, like most viruses, adapts to stay alive. Our goal is to try and lessen the effects of it. Living with this virus just like we do with Influenza and others is something that we are going to have to accept. Each year there are new strains of influenza that the vaccine does not protect against but will decrease the symptoms. I feel it is unnecessary to wear a mask in most situations. We need to have some normalcy return to our lives and hope for the best!!

  4. People pay a lot of money to come to Disney. They should not have to wear masks if they don’t want to. We have cancelled twice because of masks and now have decided to go to universal where they are not so liberal and ridiculous.

  5. It’s time to get back to letting people make their own medical decisions. Masks don’t stop the virus. People know the risk of being in public. Let them choose.

  6. Masking on transportation was no big deal.

    In fact, I appreciated a couple of times when folks were coughing or sneezing nearby.

    I didn’t find the masking on transportation or indoors took away from my experience at all. Although I’m glad that masks weren’t required outdoors. That would have affected my experience.

  7. Absolutely necessary and that means covering one’s nose!!! Having been a nurse specialist for 50 years and headed infection control committee at one point, you are foolish to think otherwise! It’s a matter of freedom to live for yourself and others! Too bad you couldn’t go into an ICU and see what not masking up or not masking up PROPERLY has caused to others. See what happens in the next week or two after all of the holiday travels and noncompliance!! I will say no more!!

  8. Absolutely ridiculous! Long overdue to get rid of all mask mandates, and let it be optional for individuals that want to wear them .

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