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Warning: Disney World Cracking Down on Resellers

Warning: Disney World Cracking Down on Resellers

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Has Disney World started to crack down on reselling? Some recent developments indicate they may be doing so.

Limitations of Merchandise Limits

Credit: Susan

This summer, Disney World implemented a policy of limiting all guests to two of any same item. This policy came just before a lot of 50th celebration items dropped in store, but it applies to any item.

One issue with the limit is that it specifies that items with different SKUs are considered different items. At Disney World, a different size of the same shirt will have a different SKU. Therefore, a reseller working alone could still buy 2 of each size of spirit jersey or other item that comes in sizes.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

However, a reseller working with a spouse or a few friends could purchase a lot more than two of each item.

Because Disney doesn’t track who buys what, that same reseller could go on to the next shop and buy 2 more of each item. Therefore, there is currently nothing stopping them from doing that.

Passes Revoked?

Photo Credit: KtP Writer Heather Alosa

A recent runDisney tweet gathered several responses from people who were irritated that a reseller (or personal shopper) had bought up goods at the race expo for Wine and Dine weekend.

Some of the items, including passholder merchandise, were sold out before many of the runners could attend the expo. The disgruntled runners tagged a variety of official Disney twitter accounts asking what could be done about the issue.

It appears Disney has revoked an annual pass(es) due to this excessive purchasing and reselling (or personal shopping) that took place this past weekend.

What Else Could Be Done?

LEGO roses from LEGO website. 2 is all you get!

This family loves shopping for LEGO as well. LEGO’s free VIP program tracks sales and disallows a guest from buying a duplicate of a limited item even weeks later.

We have a set of LEGO roses, but it came with only 2 roses. I wanted to buy more sets of them to fill a vase. So, I tried twice and LEGO canceled my order both times, citing that I had already bought those on my account.

So, it seems possible that Disney could implement some sort of limit that would be imposed when a guest uses their annual pass or a particular form of payment.

What do you think? Could Disney do more to prevent reselling of park merchandise? Let us know in the comments

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Aaron Rudeski

Friday 12th of November 2021

This is 100% true


Thursday 11th of November 2021

I think it is a shame that there were no 50th anniversary items available when we recently went to WDW. They make this big production about the celebration but their shelves are empty. After all the hype, there wasn’t a coffee mug anywhere on property. Of course people want souvenirs! It wasn’t just the anniversary items either. Stock was low everywhere and so was customer service! Wake up, Disney! This Disney fan left totally disappointed after my trip. You need to find your magic or it’s all downhill from here! Remind me what I paid so much more for! It certainly was not the experience I had!

Marcella D

Tuesday 9th of November 2021

If resellers were barred from buying all of the merchandise there would be enough stock! I wanted a Disney Dogs raincoat for my dog a few months back. I saw it in the morning, all sizes available. By lunch, everything was out of stock. A week or so later I was browsing e-bay and guess what I found for almost twice the price!


Tuesday 9th of November 2021

There will always be people who will buy resale because they cannot get to the parks to buy themselves. If Disney would put items online for sale it would lessen the amount of people scalpers could sell to and, hopefully, make it unprofitable for them.

Robbin Banegas

Tuesday 9th of November 2021

Disney needs to have more stock thus is there fault not resellers Disney never makes enough they drive people to resellers

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