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Walt Disney World has a New Merchandise Protocol that we Love

Walt Disney World has a New Merchandise Protocol that we Love
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We all love bringing home a few Disney souvenirs that help us to remember the “Most Magical Place on Earth.” Walt Disney World now has a new merchandise protocol in place that will help even more Disney Guests to be able to bring home the “magic.” Check this out below.

New Disney Merchandise

Credit: KtP writer Susan

As excited as we are for new Disney merchandise, there are some Guests who purchase quite a few Disney items. They may be sharing these with their friends perhaps, or they may be serving as a personal shopper to others.

This can deplete merchandise for other Guests who are wanting to purchase new souvenirs for their personal enjoyment. When I (Donna) attended the first day of the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival, many Guests were pushing strollers not for their children, but for the large amount of festival merchandise.

This created long lines for merchandise. Even more disappointing, many Guests were unable to purchase merchandise because the shelves were left empty. The good news is that this practice will be coming to an end throughout the Walt Disney World Parks.

New Policy

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We shared on August 12, 2021, that items from the Pre-Celebration Collection were found in the Emporium inside Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Be sure to check out all of the great 50th Anniversary Collections.

When this merchandise first appeared in the Walt Disney World Parks they were with a limit of “2 per item, per Guest.” This was a great policy for high-demand items such as these for the 50th Anniversary.

Credit: KtP writer Susan

These signs limiting merchandise to “2 per item, per Guest” are now displayed throughout ALL 4 Walt Disney World Theme Parks. This will apply to all merchandise with the exception of snacks and food.

These signs limiting merchandise to “2 per item, per Guest” are now displayed throughout ALL 4 Walt Disney World Theme Parks.

What do you think of this change? Do you think this will help allow more Guests to purchase their favorite Park souvenirs? Have you experienced the disappointment of finding empty shelves when searching for Disney souvenirs in the past? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

VIADonna Farmer


  1. They need to build something into the Annual Pass that notifies that they bought their limit. I know they could use cash and no discount but it would be a start.

  2. There is no way they can enforce this. All they need to do is go to another store or come back a few hours later or have a huge party go or something. There’s no way to really stop it

  3. Won’t work. Family of 4 can go in and each can purchase 2. 8 gone in an instant. Experienced this at the early Disney conventions. If someone wants 20 of something, they will find a way to get it. There is no way to enforce it either. Family with triplets wants 3 identical shirts, complains to cast member, gets 3 shirts. Just wasting time and money on signage and putting cast members in a difficult situation.

  4. It’s about time they did something, but, all these people who buy up the merch will have to do is either go to other stores and get 2 more of the items at each store, or wait a little bit and go back in the store and buy more. People will still find a way unfortunately. It really is unfair to those that honestly just want a souvenir.

  5. The new issue is they do 2 of each thing. So they get one type of item and buy 2 S 2 M 2 L 2 XL 2 XXL etcetc. They do that for color style and size…so the

  6. I wish they would have some way of making it more fair for online purchases. Even with the “lottery” like for last year’s Minnie Mouse the Main Attraction, I’ve seen people who brag online about cheating the system and buying up more (to resell online)than they ever did before the lottery, while many folks still couldn’t even get eligibility to purchase a single item. Maybe make more of the item so there’s enough to go around m? Limit how many is shipped to a single address? Limit entries from each IP address? Surely there’s some kind of a solution out there.

  7. Hmm. I can see how this makes sense, but as a mom of three who likes to buy “surprise gifts from Mickey to be opened in our hotel room, I wonder how that will work if I can not buy three of something. Also, we always buy 11 of the same thing as gifts for our family. So I get it, but it will definitely make it more difficult.

  8. I think it’s fair! I would love to be able to get something when we visit the park, and not have it be sold out, because people want to be greedy and sell it for even more money.

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