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An Epcot Attraction is Closing Earlier than Expected

An Epcot Attraction is Closing Earlier than Expected

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Not all attractions stay open during normal operating hours. An Epcot attraction is closing earlier than expected. See how this may affect your visit below.

Test Track

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Get that seatbelt on because you’re about to test the limits! Test Track is one of the most popular attractions at Epcot due to its thrill factor and interactive experiences. First, you will design your own car accounting for things like speed and terrain. Then you will be able to test your design on a track.

This ride is very popular, so be sure to use Character Locator for tips on how to experience it without too much of a wait!

Closing Early

Credit: KtP Writer Joe

The Disney website states that Test Track will be closing early this evening, October 28. Despite the park being open until 10:00, Test Track will close to Guests at 7:00.

Additionally, some Guests are receiving notifications in My Disney Experience regarding these adjusted hours.

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We are unsure of the reasoning for this early closure, but tomorrow the attraction goes back to closing at 10:00 pm. Could it have something to do with severe weather threatening the area? You can read Joe’s report and analysis HERE.

Test Track is one ride that is very sensitive to unfavorable weather conditions. Due to the fact that a portion of the track is outside, it can become very slippery even when a little rain shower pops into the area.

How will this affect your visit?

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If you are visiting Epcot today you will want to make note of this so you are not surprised when you walk up and notice it is closed. I would suggest getting in line right before closing if you plan to use standby.

If you purchased Genie+ today I would try to get in when it’s not raining. That’s easier said than done considering you can’t really “choose” your return time.

Is Test Track a must-do attraction for you, or do you tend to skip it? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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Friday 29th of October 2021

Eu fui na inauguração dessa atração....Era mais legal na é essa mudança ela ficou muito demorada....

Todd Schuler

Thursday 28th of October 2021

Love to do test track, but I don’t need to waiting 120 minutes for this attraction. There are a coupe of others that I would wait for over test track

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