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DVC Membership Cards Are About to Expire. What’s Next?

DVC Membership Cards Are About to Expire. What's Next?
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Hey DVC member, have you looked at your Membership Card lately? Have you noticed that it is set to expire at the end of this year? What happens next? Do you get a new card? Disney has shared what will be next.

Disney Vacation Club

disney's wilderness lodge
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DVC is short for Disney Vacation Club. It is a timeshare run by Disney. DVC has the flexibility of a point system. You can book the time of year you travel and type of accommodation, including your resort of choice (aka your home resort).

With this style of timeshare you are not stuck in a particular week every year. You purchase an allotment of points that you can then choose to spend however you would like.

For all the ins and outs of DVC check out a previous post about what DVC is HERE.

Is DVC Right For You?

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Do you like to visit Disney World often? Once a year? Maybe every other?

DVC may be able to give you that flexibility of vacation more often in deluxe accommodations. For more information on who should consider buying DVC, check out Rebecca’s article HERE.

Membership Cards About To Expire

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If you have a blue DVC Membership Card, you probably have a physical card that is about to expire. Will you get a new physical card?

Well, DVC shared that they are developing an enhanced digital replacement. So, a physical card will not be headed your way. Disney stated they “will share those details soon” regarding the new enhanced digital replacement care.

DVC members can always access a digital version of their membership card online.

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This will most likely look similar to the digital Membership Card that you are use to now. Members can find their digital version online at disneyvacationclub.com/card.

If you are an eligible Member you can use your digital card along with a corresponding valid photo ID to take advantage of your Membership Extras.

Are you a DVC Member? What do you think of a digital replacement? Let us know on the Kenny the Pirate Facebook page. Don’t forget to join the KtP crew page, too!

-Heather Alosa

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  1. I would also prefer a card than my phone. It’s to the point that’s all we do is pay attention to phones It’s nice to leave behind and enjoy yourself!!!

  2. Would much rather have a physical card. I do not have my nose glued to my phone and as an older person a lot of this new stuff makes me nervous

  3. You are most assuredly right Walt and Roy must be turning over in their graves because the last two leaders of Disney have destroyed the most Magical place on earth. Walt and family believed in Family and Family values. BOB and company believe in dollars and being political correct. They will give us an unsolicited and unwanted perk like additional app technology on our phones but do they ever listen to the loyal DVC members they say they care so much about, “clean version” HECK NO. How about making more rooms available to us members. We own three different vacation clubs with three different booking windows and it’s still pretty da_ _ hard to get reservations. Thank you to Bob and company for listening to us with open mouse ears about this perk. I was gullible enough to listen to all the propaganda about investing in my family so we could be making beautiful lifetime memories with my family for generations to come. Political correctness has stolen all the magic out of Disney in fact the only magic being performed these days at the parks is how BOB and company make your money disappear. Shameful and crass. It is just a matter of a short period of time before DISNEYS’ WORLD becomes just another oversized Amusement park. Bring in the clowns there ought to be clowns oh yea that’s right they all sit on the board of directors.

  4. Phone – not me, I’m going to purchase Mickey’s underwater phone protection case for $50 so you don’t book the Star Wars Hotel on my phone (too bad the phone case does not come with the seperate purchase manditory phone charger).

  5. Brenda, Mickey will happily sell you one of his universal phone chargers for $30 (that costs Mickey $1.50).

    The only problem is you need to purchase it before your phone runs out, else you are screwed (can’t use your phone to pay for it, or use your phone to check back into your room).

  6. Awful decision. Disney needs to stop all this nonsense and listen to their members and stock holders. Older people do not have smart phones or watches, guests sometimes choose to leave phones in their rooms and just enjoy being in the moment making memories and not having the phone attached to them. Cards are fine. We have credit cards, medical cards, gift cards all in our wallets. My DVC CARD needs to be there too. Stop taking and taking from those that actually cause you to have a job. Bob Chapek needs to go. Walt and Roy are turning over in their graves. He is creating a Disney no one wanted!

  7. I’m no stranger to the may uses of phone, but when I travel to Disney..I prefer to use a physical card. However, while we are on the DVC topic..why cant magic bands have DVC members information uploaded..even the next generation of magic band +..still does not have that option available.

  8. This is great news. I can’t wait to rob all your phones at the pool because you’ll need to take them with you but you can’t take them in the pool. Your phones will pay for me lighting passes.

  9. I am a DVC member and I have to agree with all of the comments. I have to two Disney resorts this year and having my DVC card handy instead of my phone was great. I received my discounts without having to search my Disney app. Stop taking away our privileges it’s not going to work for those DVC members that do not have a cellphone or Apple Watch. Start listening to your valued DVC members and stop letting technology call all the shots.

  10. Disney is moving to digital for marketing purposes. The Disney digital apps will give Disney the capability to access information on your phone, and they will use this information to market you.

  11. I am so frustrated with everything going digital. I am among those who like to ignore my phone while on vacation. So when your battery dies you just have to leave rhe park or not get your AP or DVC diacount. maybe that is their plan…

  12. I’m a Millennial and I, too, would rather have a physical card. I like not having to have my phone out on vacation and Disney is determined to make that increasingly impossible.

  13. It’s simply age discrimination. Older DVC members (myself included) rather carry the card (still have my original multicolor one) instead of a phone. Younger DVC members live on their phone.

    Disney is trying to force the older members out and replace them with younger ones that will spend more $$$ (and tolerate more of Cheapek’s crappy management).

    I’d take the old Disney (when I carried the DVC card) that I could do whatever I want whenever I wanted (real vacation) over this new style where I need to plan everything and getting stressed out checking my phone every few minutes to make sure I don’t miss my next overpriced Lightning pass.

  14. I prefer the physical card. It is much easier to take that out my pocket than to scroll through my phone.
    My mom doesn’t use her phone. What will she do?

  15. I agree. I use my phone in my “real life” because I have to. When I go to Disney – or on a Disney cruise – I don’t want to live on my phone. Not only does it prevent my family from truly interacting and enjoying the experiences, I also run out of battery quickly in the parks and my Disney apps have completely crashed/failed more than once. Then you’re just hosed if everything you need is online in the app (happened to me on the Dream 2 weeks ago. THE WORST EXPERIENCE.) Hey Disney, please stop pushing us to phones for EVERYTHING.

  16. Would prefer a physical card as an option. I hate being forced to have a phone. Don’t like them. Mine is rarely charged. Simply don’t use it. Strange but true.

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