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Disney Cast Members Plan Protest in view of Recent Mandates

Disney Cast Members Plan Protest in view of Recent Mandates
Credit: Disney

Disney Cast Members have planned a protest in view of recent mandates. Keep reading to see when and why this has been planned.

Since the reopening of the theme parks, we have seen several updates to policies occur, most notably policies to facial coverings, social distancing and vaccine requirements for Cast Members.

Mandatory Vaccines

Credit: Disney Cast and Community official Facebook Page

A couple of months ago, Disney announced that all of their Cast Members are now required to receive the vaccine for Covid-19. Walt Disney company employees were given a 60-day timeline to receive the vaccine.

The new requirement was for all employees and Cast Members who were salaried and non-union hourly employees in the United States.

Planned Protest

Credit: Jamie F

As the deadline for Cast Members approaches this weekend, according to Fox 35, some Disney Cast Members have planned a protest to occur sometime today. The protest is to march against the recent vaccine mandate.

According to Fox 35, “the organizer says many cast members are worried about what will happen after Saturday’s deadline for getting at least one dose of the vaccine. They reportedly could face being fired if they refuse.”

“We understand that COVID-19 is a very real health concern that we all have to take seriously,” said event organizer Nick Caturano, “but many cast members have a legitimate basis for refusing vaccination.”

event organizer, Nick Caturano – via Fox 35

The organizer mentions the fact that many Disney Cast Members have not received the vaccine for various reasons which include health issues, religious beliefs, natural immunity and wanting to maintain their own healthcare.

Caturano goes on to say that many Cast Members were starting to feel alone in and wanted to take a stance.

Protest Schedule

Credit: KtP Writer Christina

The planned protest is scheduled to take place at 2 p.m. at 12151 S. Apopka Vineland Rd. Participants are expected to walk up and down Lake Buena Vista Boulevard through the middle of Disney World.

A similar protest is also scheduled in the Disneyland area.

Source: Fox 35

What do you think of this planned protest in view of the recent vaccine mandates for Disney Cast Members? Tell us your opinion in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Maggie Baltz


  1. U people walk around with blinders on looking for your next fix from CNN.. Countries around the world that are fully vaccinated (at least 80%) have the worse outbreaks of covid but the Media in America will not report on any of it..

  2. We’ll soon see how fast Disney drop their vaccine “mandate’ when they lose over half their work force..
    A workforce who, it seems at the moment, they simply can not afford to lose! Since they’re offering hiring bonuses.

  3. The truth is your vaccinated self and kids are more of a danger to the unvaccinated. You are shedding more virus than an unvaccinated person does. Look at Israel. The most vaccinated place no the planet and they have more Covid cases now than they did before the vaccine even existed. And 80% of them are fully vaccinated. You need to widen up and do some research instead of believing what the media is telling you.

  4. 100% agree. People need to see that this seriously undermines and begins eroding our rights. My husband and I are vaccinated but that was our choice to take it. It does not stop transmission, but they believe will lessen severity. It is NOT FDA approved but the best guess based on mini trials, is that it is safe and effective at preventing death. If someone chooses for health or their own personal reasons not to get it, by forcing the mandated vaccines you are now setting a precedent for any other health mandate they choose. I for one would not want my employer dictating what I can and can not do with my body. Be careful what we wish for…

  5. No one should be told what to put in their body. I support the cast members. Im sure when all this makes it to the tje Supreme court it will be ruled unconstitutional but it will take time many dont have.

  6. I would suggest you research the Nuremberg code.
    No businesses private or public can mandate anything.
    That is why the Nuremberg code is in place.

  7. JOSEPH, the Vaccine does not provide you or your family members with protection.
    If you are so concerned about family members consider taking them to less crowded places. Parks, walks etc.
    There are many places you can take them without living in fear of the unvaccinated who arent going to protect you anyway.

  8. No the vaccine has not been cleared as safe!! That is a lie. Vaccines take 15 to 20 years of trial we are still in trial stages. If you’re not willing to believe me then at least go directly to FDA. Their website even states we are in trial stages and this vaccine has NOT been given full FDA approval. And the FDA have stated that the risk of blood clots out weighs the risk of covid.
    Again, this is information direct from FDA if you dont believe me.

  9. These comments have restored my faith in humanity.
    Of course you’re always going to get “The One” who feels that employers are entitled to override the Nuremberg Code. But I reiterate it’s very few and far between and the people routing for “Disney has a right to be draconian” are Thankfully the minority!
    The Nuremberg code was put in place for a reason to protect humanity. It is not for wealthy foes to mandate vaccines on anybody.

  10. Agree 100%. Employers are struggling to find good help as it is these days. Adding a required vaccine isn’t helping. Many people are leaving their jobs due to this across the board – it’s really a shame. The vaccine doesn’t stop transmission or infection. It supposedly just lessens symptoms. So why are so many companies requiring it? Makes no sense. My husband will be leaving is federal job because he won’t get vaccinated. He has been there for 16 years and is a valuable employee. The vaccine isn’t FDA approved (regardless of what the media says) and there have been many illnesses and deaths from the vaccines. We’ve all had it and recovered. A very close friend is not out of the woods yet with blood clots after her 2nd dose and another fully vaccinated friend is currently admitted with covid. The mandates are all about control.

  11. Even though I got the vaccine, I do not think anyone should be mandated to get vaccinated. If we stoop to make people get this vaccine then we are opening a can of worms for the government and corporate or any business to mandate that employees, etc. get shots for anything and everything in the future. God only knows what they would force us to take. I say NO to the mandate!! I support all employees standing up to Disney.

  12. I support both their right to protest and Disney’s right to fire them if they do not comply with the company requirements. The vaccine has been cleared as safe for the age groups requiring the vaccine and if the cast doesn’t want to get their shot, then they may seek alternate employment and receive unemployment until they get a new job.

  13. I would march with them! No way is an employer gonna tell me to get a vaccine that they know very little about and is not FDA approved for all age groups! It does NOT stop transmission! If u wanna get it then fine but each of us has a choice and some of us are immune compromised with allergies!

  14. I support them 100%. These blanket mandates are doing more harm than good. IF any company chooses to mandate their employees to get this vaccine, then they should put their money where it counts and take on full financial responsibility over any adverse effects they might suffer from them both short and long term in a CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT. Let’s see if they are really following the science or just giving into social pressure.

  15. I support the cast members and expect this to happen in more companies. What ever happened to “it’s my body and I can do with it what I want”? If the vaccine protects you from the virus then get it and leave those that don’t want it alone.

  16. I’m just here for the ratio. And it’s restoring a little faith in common sense. Why would the vaccinated need others vaccinated to protect them? Their own vaccine should do that. And seeing as how the cdc director has admitted it does not stop transmission, this mandate is a garbage policy.

  17. I say kudos to the cast members for standing up. No one should be forced into any kind of medical procedure or vaccine. If you think I’m wrong, check out the Nuremberg Code and the Geneva Convention. They are in place for our protection. Wish I was there to help them protest! Everyone should have a choice in how to protect themselves.

  18. I am so glad to see cast member standing up to this mandate. While they are acknowledging that COVID is real, they are also acknowledging that this is America and we should have the freedom of choice when it comes to our personal healthcare. It should not be up to our employer to tell us what kind of vaccinations we should have to take.

  19. Glad disney is mandating this. Hope more businesses follow suit. If you don’t like, work for another company that doesn’t care that you are a plague rat.

  20. Good for them. Healthcare is a personal issue and should not ever be controlled by a third party. No one knows another’s body or cares for another’s body as the individual himself.

  21. good for them! no matter your view, this is over reach beyond what should be allowed. my entire family on one side is vaccinated, no one on the other side. that’s everyone’s own choice and it doesn’t stop us from being together. someone else having the vaccine does not protect you whatsoever, vaccines have never i. history been touted as doing so.

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