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A Guest Favorite Is Coming to DVC Rooms at The Polynesian Village Resort

A Guest Favorite Is Coming to DVC Rooms at The Polynesian Village Resort
Credit: Disney

Refurbishment continues to make progress at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. We have confirmation that a guest favorite is being added during the DVC rooms at the resort.

Disney’s Polynesian Resort Refurbishment

Credit: KtP writer Susan

When Disney World reopened last summer after the Covid-19 pandemic closure, only the DVC side of the resort was opened.  The DVC side of the resort features three buildings of the Polynesian resort that were converted from regular rooms to DVC studio villas in 2015.  The resort also added DVC bungalows.

Credit: KtP Writer Christina

The resort’s regular hotel rooms underwent a major overhaul over the last year.  The rooms are now Moana-themed, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  It seems Imagineering struck a good balance of Moana theming and traditional Polynesian Village Resort themes.  These regular rooms are now open as the whole resort opened in late July.

New Arrival Experience

Currently the monorail is not accessible at the resort as the platform continues to be rebuilt and changes are made to the Great Ceremonial House.  Guests are hoping the new Porte Cochere will be open in time for the start of the 50th Anniversary celebration October 1st.

Credit: KtP writer Monica

The old monorail platform was demolished as seen in the picture above and the new platform is being rebuilt from scratch.  Flooring on the widened platform is finished.  The A-frame roof as shown in the concept art below has been placed on the platform which signaled a major milestone in the project. More decorative panels have been added in the last few days.  

Continued Refurbishment 

Credit: KtP Writer Susan

On the regular room side of the resort work continues on club level suites and lounges in the Hawaii building.  The resort overall continues to be undergoing quite a bit of change, which may have led to this so-so review from KtP writer Monica. 

As construction wraps up I would expect the experience to be much better in the coming weeks for one of Disney World’s flagship resorts.  The new phase of the refurbishment and details below may also lead to a better review in the future!

New DVC Refurbishment Details

Credit: Monica

We reported a few weeks ago on the start of the DVC refurbishment.  At the time it looked like this was only going to be a soft goods overhaul.  Many guests over the years have complained about the pull out sofas pictured above in the Polynesian DVC rooms.  It did not appear, however, that this round was going to bring any major changes to the furniture in the rooms.  

Murphy Beds In the DVC Rooms?

We do have confirmation that fan-favorite Murphy beds are going into the DVC rooms at the Polynesian Village Resort!  The sofa beds appear to be on their way out. 

In case you are not familiar, Murphy beds are popular with many Disney resort guests due to their flexibility and multi-purpose functionality.  Pictured below is an example from Disney’s Pop Century Resort.  You can see, when closed, the bed allows for a table and chair setup as the bed is stored vertically.

Credit: KtP writer Susan

The table folds down to allow a bed to drop out for sleeping as pictured below. 

Credit: KtP writer Susan

The multi-purpose use of space has been something that DVC guests have asked for over the years at the Polynesian.  Some reports also indicate that new chairs will be added, so this appears to be more than just a soft goods refurbishment.  We will be watching for confirmation on when the refurbished rooms will open to guests.

Do you have a planned stay coming up at the Polynesian Village Resort?  Are you a fan of the Murphy beds?  Will you miss the pull out sofas?  Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook!

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  1. We where bumped from our DVC room to a lagoon view hotel room for our upcoming stay. Continued refurbishment was their excuse and never got a response from them as to getting a single bed for this hotel room.

    • That was likely because of your scheduled DVC building being closed for this refurbishment. I’m sorry you did not get more of a response, I know that is frustrating.

  2. Staying at the Polynesian DVC side in October! I can’t wait! I love the Murphy beds. We’ve had contact with them at Art of animation. I actually think they are more comfortable than sofa beds. Plus, the table is great to have, especially for kids.

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