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Another Building is Now Closed at Polynesian Village Resort

Another Building is Now Closed at Polynesian Village Resort
Credit: Disney

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is undergoing refurbishment ahead of the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration.  Another building is now closed for refurbishment.  Find out which building and how it may affect your stay.

Disney’s Polynesian Resort Refurbishment

Complete Guide to Polynesian Resort
Credit: KtP writer Susan

When Disney World reopened last summer after the Covid-19 pandemic closure, only the DVC side of the resort was open.  Three buildings of the Polynesian were converted from regular rooms to DVC studio villas in 2015, and the resort also added DVC bungalows.

The resort’s regular hotel rooms underwent a major overhaul throughout the last year.  The rooms are now Moana-themed, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  It seems Imagineering struck a good balance of Moana theming and traditional Polynesian Village Resort themes.  These regular rooms are now open as the whole resort opened in late July.

New Arrival Experience

Credit: Monica

Currently the monorail is not accessible at the resort as the platform continues to be rebuilt and changes are made to the Great Ceremonial House.  This new Porte Cochere is expected to be completed soon, and monorail service from the resort should resume. 

Hopefully the monorail will be complete soon! The 50th anniversary is fast approaching.

Disney Narrows Down Official Reopening of Polynesian Village Resort
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The old monorail platform was demolished and the new platform is being rebuilt from scratch.  Flooring on the widened platform is finished. 

The A-frame roof as shown in the concept art above has been placed on the platform which signaled a major milestone in the project. 

Continued Refurbishment 

The Triumphant Return of a Classic Disney World Show
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The resort overall continues to be undergoing quite a bit of change. As construction wraps up I would expect the experience to be much better in the coming weeks for one of Disney World’s flagship resorts. 

The new closure listed below may also address one of the major issues in Monica’s review of the Polynesian.

Complete Guide to Polynesian Resort
Credit: KtP writer Susan

Another Building Closed

Complete Guide to Polynesian Resort
Credit: KtP writer Susan

The Pago Pago building has closed for refurbishment.  Pago Pago is one of the three DVC buildings at the Polynesian. Currently this refurbishment is expected to be a soft goods overhaul.  The Raratonga building on the cash side of the resort has been closed for a while.

Pago Pago is now closed for a soft goods refurbishment.

There were rumors that maybe this DVC refurbishment was to put Murphy beds in the studios like what is on the regular room side in place of the sofa sleeper.  That does not look likely, but the soft goods refurbishment could provide a needed improvement to these DVC rooms.

Credit: Monica

Guests that have a stay booked in Pago Pago have been given the option of another DVC building or a room on the regular side of the resort.  This will depend on availability at the resort, but be sure to look out for an email ahead of your stay.

Want more information about staying at the Polynesian Village Resort? Check out our complete guide here.

Are you planning on staying at the Polynesian Village Resort anytime soon?  Have you stayed recently?  How was your experience at this deluxe resort?  Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.


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