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You will now be able to PAY to ride Rise of the Resistance!

You will now be able to PAY to ride Rise of the Resistance!

Rise of the Resistance is in hot demand as Guests try to experience the attraction during their Disney vacations. The virtual queue process has left many frustrated and without the opportunity to ride. Soon you will be able to skip all the frustration and head straight to defeating the First Order. But, it will come with a price! Would you pay?

Rise of the Resistance

Credit: Disney

Arguably, the most popular ride at Disney World is Rise of the Resistance. This immersive story-telling experience has you joining the Resistance to beat the First Order.

Since the attraction opened in December 2019, a virtual queue has been implemented to ensure a smooth boarding process. While things were a bit bumpy in the beginning, but Disney has worked out all the kinks. You can read our full guide to securing a boarding group HERE.

The virtual queue does tend to fill up within seconds, although there have been a few exceptions. For many not able to ride, this can be stressful and downright devastating.

Future of Rise

Credit: Susan

Josh D’Amaro, who is the Disney Parks Chairman, confirmed that guests will be able to buy their way onto Rise of the Resistance.

There are some attractions that use the Lightning Lane queue—which you can purchase individually—which is the ultimate in flexibility. Think about Rise of the Resistance. It’s a highly demanded attraction. Guests show up in the morning and they try to get into the virtual queue. We get as many people on there as we can, but inevitably someone is disappointed.

Now there’s another option on top of the virtual queue so if Rise of the Resistance is the reason you’re at Disneyland or Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there will be an option for you to purchase Rise of the Resistance. So again: flexibility, optionality, better guest experience overall.

Josh D’Amaro
Credit: Kenny the Pirate

Now there’s another option on top of the virtual queue so if Rise of the Resistance is the reason you’re at Disneyland or Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there will be an option for you to purchase Rise of the Resistance.

So, to clarify, if you don’t succeed in securing a boarding group you will be able to pay to ride Rise of the Resistance. We will keep you updated about how much this will cost when details become available.

What do you think of Disney charging for attractions? Will you be paying to ride Rise of the Resistance? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.


  1. During pre plandemic my favorite ride in Epcot…”Soarin” had very short lines.. We went on it three times in a row. Having to go back through with very little wait was a rare welcomed memory.
    Last year they were booked out way in advance so we did could not even go in!

  2. When FP+ was free, the more popular rides would have much higher demand and were hard to obtain. Staying at a Disney Resort gave you a 60 day window to reserve those popular FP+. Staying offsite gave you only 30 days and the reservations for popular rides were already gone. Staying at a Disney Resort is expensive for the amount of space you receive. A six bedroom house complete with swimming pool is the same price per night as ONE Pop Century room with two beds. I would much rather spend my money for the ride experiences and stay offsite. Previously with FP+ that was impossible so I welcome the opportunity to pay for experiences like Rise of the Resistance and still enjoy the space of an offsite rental.

  3. We can afford to pay to play, but it’s the principle of the whole thing! WE are done with it… our entire clan! We are DDVC members, and all of us (there are a total of 12 families) have decided to move on, sell the DVC memberships, and move on. The values of Disney have been lost…
    Case in point:
    ~DVC memberships has lost all perks
    ~Operation hours have been cut but you are still capping out at $120pp a day
    ~After hour events astronomical prices (come on $150-$200pp)
    ~Hotel costs through the roof for guests PLUS parking and no house keeping but you are still getting gouged!
    ~Annual pass holders losing perks and costs increase
    ~Disney dining (gee what happened there, but was never really a deal was it)
    ~Pay to play AKA the Genie program
    ~Food prices in the park dramatically increased by 30-45% in some places

    And this is just some of the complaints you will see out there.

    We are done… we have been going to disney since I was 3. My parents brought all four of us to Disney, and we in turn, brought all our our children, and they have brought theirs. WE are all blessed to be able to afford this. WE have brought and encouraged friends and family. We even had a wedding there.T

    The greed of those who are are running the show have put what was once a glittering castle into a light overshadowed with dark skies and villains, none of which could tempt me to take that red apple.

  4. What R They Talking About about, paying? I paid thousands for a trip and couldn’t get on anything at disney even with a fast pass without a hour wait. Not even one opening for rise. They owe me several free rides or ill.never go again. The magic hours even limited us to certain areas. I could never get on my childhood fav pirates even during magic hour

  5. No offense but Disney seems to have gone back to it’s original business model. When Disneyland first opened guests were charged park admission fees then had to purchase separate ride tickets for each attraction they wished to ride. It sure seems like that’s the direction Disney is heading in. Only difference is back then admission rates were accessible to most families. Now admission has outpaced inflation while covering less and less each year.

  6. I am not sure how this will help…. Will this limit the virtual cue even more? There is only so many that can ride per day so even if people paid to ride it would not increase the total number of riders…..would they only be able to sell so many and again wouldn’t this limit the number of riders by virtual cue?

  7. Everyone needs to email Disney directly and voice your complaints. It’s nice to get out our frustrations with like minded people on this type of forum, but Disney isn’t reading these comments. We have to seriously take a stand

  8. So paying $100 to get in isn’t enough? Disney made the bonehead decision to design a ride that 90% of park attendees can’t ride, now they want even more money? No thanks. I just went to all the parks and found little reason to hurry back, if at all, especially if they keep designing rides you can’t ride.

  9. I have been going to Disney World for 40 years and being an annual pass holder from out of state for 15 years. The price of the annual pass is very expensive to begin with. I have always looked forward to getting away from the stress of work and living my dream at Disney World. I think adding another price tag on is pushing it too far. I will be looking for a new place to go.

  10. I have been coming to Disney World at least three times a yr for almost 30 years. I have brought many guests and have encouraged many to be annual pass holders, and stay at Disney resorts. We are all average income supporters of Disney. The fast pass option made it fair to all visitors. The new, pay to ride options, are not affordable for many who save yrs to visit. It seems as though, Disney is catering to the wealthy! How absurd to pay for a ticket to your parks, then have to pay again for popular rides, or most likely not have the opportunity to ride!!! Me, along with many of my Disney friends, will not be involved with your greedy tactics and will be sure to verbalize our disappointment to others, as well as discourage others from supporting Disney. We will not renew our annual passes. We will not be staying at your resorts. We will not be purchasing Disney merchandise. We will not be eating at your restaurants. Your faithful supporters and fans of the past, will be moving on to better, more affordable opportunities!

  11. Agree with all above comments. Went in April after spring break but still with Covid restrictions. So not nearly as crowded. Glad we went then. Used to go LOTS when we lived in FL many years ago. Now there are many other options to go that aren’t scalping you to able to get on the rides you came for. Hope enough rich people will be coming to make up for the loss of the many middle class families who’ve been Disney’s bread and butter for years!

  12. The tickets are expensive enough and now they want you to pay for the ride? I understand what they are doing but I think there’s a better way. Why not just have folks make a reservation for the ride at the time of park ticket purchases? That makes more sense?

  13. If you can pay to ride, then there’s clearly more availability than the virtual pass is allowing for. Open the ride already to maximum capacity! People pay a lot of money to get to Disney – honor the dollars of hard working people.

  14. Disney is just trying to make up for the money they lost in 2020. I used to be a fan , now I’m disgusted with Disney World.

  15. Same here, Tammy. We have been fortunate to take our families for 40 years…and we are now talking about our upcoming trip being the last for awhile. Hotels have gone up crazy, gate prices will go up, food options are limited, magical express is history, and now this. Our family of 10 with 4 little ones will have to pay $150 a day for the convenience of not having to wait (as long) and then additional if we even want to experience a “top” attraction. It’s frustrating and a bit sad . Disney, we love you but there are other options.

  16. I think it’s time to stay offsite?
    Used to have perks staying on site but with each new money grab it may be time to grab luxurious spots outside disney
    Such a shame

  17. You do pay $15 for a pass; however, according to information I have read, there are a few attractions in each park which will not be include in the pass and will require standby or this lightning pass.

  18. Disgusting cash grab, I will not pay extra for this. When I do visit Disney I will be sure to stop by guest services to complain so that Disney can register feedback regarding their new policies. I do feel for the cast members that have will have to listen to the complaints from the guests about this.

  19. Sign me up. I haven’t been in two years because of the pandemic. I want to experience everything and will pay for it. Probably not a popular stance…

  20. In another article it states you pay 15 for the pass.. so. Ow I am reading g you pay for the ride.. so we are paying 15 for the pass itself, AND then have to pay for each ride??? this is becoming BS. Looks like my daughter’s birthday at Disney isn’t going to happen

  21. The boarding pass lottery was a bad idea anyway. All that money you paid, and you might not be able to ride! Now, with the Genie + announcement, and Ratatouille being a virtual queue when it opens, and most likely Tron, it looks like eventually you’ll have to pay twice. Once to get in, then again to ride anything. Disney will soon be extinct as theme park. I’m switching to Universal.

  22. Every change I’ve heard since I was there in March, makes me glad I visited when I did. I have been almost every year for the past 15 years, but all of these new changes and money grabs make me have absolutely no desire to return. I WAS able to get Rise of the Resistance boarding both days I tried, so I’m good. I wouldn’t pay. Other vacation places at this point are just looking much more desirable.

  23. As a platinum passholder, I kind of feel like I *already* paid to ride. And yet, they oversell capacity so I have to pay more. Again. Surprise! I know people will pay it. But not me. I’m done forking over more and more for less and less. At some point soon they’ll increase it again because this still won’t be enough…Enjoy!

  24. I think it stinks for families who do not get to visit often and are already spending a lot of money to be there as it means it will be even more competitive for them to have a chance to ride it at all, although I’m quite certain there will be plenty of people willing to pay extra. Makes me sad.

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