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International Guests may soon be able to visit Disney – under this condition

International Guests may soon be able to visit Disney - under this condition
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Good news for people who are hoping to enter the United States! The federal government is considering allowing foreign travel again. This means international guests may soon be able to visit Disney – under this condition. What do you think of this requirement?

International Travel

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Currently, travel to the United States is not open and has not been open since early last year. While other countries have opened travel again to foreigners, the United States is still considering when and how to reopen its borders.

This has put many foreign travelers (particularly those who own DVC or are Annual Passholders) in a tough spot because travel plans to Disney can quickly unravel.

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Many say it is not fair that other countries have opened travel to the States but we have not reciprocated. Many believe that it is not wise to reopen the borders yet when cases in Florida and other parts of the country are still high.

However, for those looking to travel to America and visit Disney soon, we have good news!

Reopening to International Travel?

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Although no official announcement has been made by the Biden Administration, the White House may soon be ready to reopen to international travel.

According to a report by Reuters, the U.S. is developing a plan to require vaccinations for nearly all foreign visitors. Airline and tourism industries would greatly profit more, although I would argue the airline industry is a mess right now with so many canceled and delayed flights.

Vaccinations may be required for nearly all foreign visitors.

credit: Rebecca

Currently, the only foreign travelers allowed to cross by land into the United States from Mexico and Canada are essential workers such as truck drivers or nurses.

The Biden administration has also been talking to U.S. airlines in recent weeks about establishing international contact tracing for passengers before lifting travel restrictions.

What does this mean for International Disney Guests?

Credit: Monica

Depending on the timeline and final conditions for reopening to international travelers, those looking to head to the States to visit Disney may be able to do so sooner rather than later.

There is currently a UK only offer for dining plans if you are looking for incentive to travel. In the meantime, be prepared for any and all conditions the U.S. could impose on those looking to travel here!

Are you an international traveler looking to visit Disney? What do you think of this possible requirement? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.


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  1. I say show you have been vaccinated, get rid of the mask and go and enjoy. Because I don’t think the mask do anything anyway. So as long as they show proof that they got the shot they can visit the United States.!!!!shoot that should go for people living here too!!!

  2. We dont need to be letting more people in from other countries. They need to be reducing capacity and social distancing again. Vaccinated people are getting and passing the virus too. We dont know enough about the vaccine to mandate getting one right now

  3. Disney needs to require and verify that all guests are fully vaccinated. This should both foreign travelers and US citizen travelers.

  4. I think it is great! More and more countries and companies requiring vaccine proof for visitors, employees and customers. Only way we will ever get through this to normal again. Let the conspiracy-theory anti-vax people stay home watching their propaganda and stay restricted from so many things. More for the rest of us!

  5. So COVID cases are soaring with the new Delta variant (that started abroad), our current vaccines have limited effectiveness against it and kids under 12 still can’t be vaccinated…but Disney wants to allow even more people in? The government and Disney are moronic.

  6. I don’t think anybody should be forced to get the needle as a requirement for any activity. It’s an unapproved, investigational jab that should not be mandatory in any way for anyone.

  7. Disney needs to open a whole lot more attractions and shows and restaurants before international guests arrive! It’s already too crowded, and that’s just with domestic guests!

What do you think?

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