Home Disney News This law may force you to eat cheese pizza at Disneyland

This law may force you to eat cheese pizza at Disneyland

This law may force you to eat cheese pizza at Disneyland
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Cue the tears. This law may force you to eat cheese pizza at Disneyland.

Disneyland affected by a…meat shortage?

California voters approved a new law in 2018 that requires better living conditions for animals that produce meat. Veal calves, egg-laying chickens, and pigs are now all required to have more living space.

California will begin enforcing this animal welfare law at the beginning of 2022. While veal and chicken farmers are optimistic that they can meet these new conditions, pig farmers are a different story.

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It’s estimated that only 4% of hog farmers will be able to pass these new state regulations. So what it does it look like when 96% of the farmers cannot comply.

A meat shortage.

How will this affect Disneyland?

Much of the state gets it pork supply from Iowa, and unless the court system intervenes and allows meat to be sold to the state, you will be eating a lot more cheese pizza on your next visit to Disneyland.

Sausage, pepperoni, bacon, and other pork items will either be completely unavailable or much more expensive.

The restaurant and grocery industries, which use about 255 million pounds of pork PER MONTH, will be hit the hardest. The state only produces 45 million pounds per month, and farmers from other states are not complying because of the cost.

Additionally, no instructions on enforcement and regulation have come from California.

The pork industry has tried filing lawsuits, but so far the courts are siding with the state on the matter.

So, all in all, Disneyland and other business that sell pork products will either need to pay more or completely remove it from the menu.

Credit: Disney

And that is why may be eating more cheese pizza during your next visit to Disneyland. And we all know it’s not exactly quality pizza.

What do you think of this California law? Do you like Disney’s cheese pizza? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

Source: Fox 35 Orlando


  1. This article is BS. I live in CA and there are plenty of farms that follow sustainable conditions for animals. You can raise pigs in an environment that doesn’t include shoving them in pens where they can’t move. Trust me…CA will still be able to get sausage on pizza. And to throw fuel on the fire, best pizza ham, tomato, jalape├▒o & PINEAPPLE!

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